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See again Thuy Hu, who knows the true meaning of the name of the movie

Sunday, February 24, 2019 11:17 AM (GMT + 7)

The name "Thuy Hu", although difficult to understand, means intense meaning.

See again Thuy Hu, who knows the true meaning of the name and movie - 1

Thuy Hu is a classic Chinese television work that has adapted the title of the same name

Next i Tay Du Ky, Tam Quoc Dien Nghia da Hong Lau Mong then Thuy Hu a Chinese drama that is loved by many generations of audiences. The movie, though repeatedly on the small screen, has reduced its appeal to date.

Among the Four Great Chinese Title, if so Tay Du Ky, Tam Quoc Dien Nghia a Hong Lau Mong These are quite understandable names Waterfront Story It's a confusing name for readers' original readers and viewers to see the TV version has to adapt.

See again Thuy Hu, who knows the true meaning of the name and movie - 2

The English name "Thuy Hu" does not completely show the intense meaning of the title

Because, throughout the work that tells the history of the 108 Liangshan heroes, the two words "Waterfront" do not even appear once. Having adapted TV plays, the same situation also happened.

Even translators from this remarkable needle book have faced many difficulties in translating the title "Waterfront".

So why Thi Nai Am does not name her work "Thuy Bac Luong Son" da "Luong Son Truyen" easy to understand? What is the meaning behind the name "Waterfront"?

So far, the ages still convey anecdote to each other: La Quan Trung – "father" of the title Three Kings The person was thinking about the name Hu Water.

See again Thuy Hu, who knows the true meaning of the name and movie - 3

Behind the name "Thuy Hu" is a very interesting and meaningful story

Accordingly, it is said that La Quan Trung is a student of Thi Nai Am. In the past Thi Nai Am's intention was originally intended to name his work Guest Guest Giang Ho. However, he felt himself that the name was not enough to express the intense suggestions he wanted to convey through the work.

Immediately after La Quan Trung suggested Thuy HuThi Nai felt very satisfied and immediately used this brief name for his work.

So gross the name Thuy Hu Where are you located? There are two layers of meaning behind this name.

Firstly, Thuy Hu literally means "water wharf" – where the heroes have the chance to get together with each other before going to Luong Son with each other.

Monday, Thuy Hu which results from both sentences of the lesson Mien inside Kinh Thi, which is linked to a migration analysis to find new lands to settle carma & Chu:

Hen Cong Cong, Lai Huong Tong Ma

Tay Thuy Hu, Chi Vy Ky Ha

Accordingly, it is said, at that time, that the clan Chu lived in Man's land – the land where the border was unclean, often subject to harassment of powerful forces outside. For many years, they had to live in poverty, lack of food to eat clothes and danger.

Until Thai Thai Vuong Thai – aka Dan Phu Cong Co seems, the change load could be fate. Under the leadership and leadership of Chu Thai Vuong, the Chu land of Man left, overcome many hardships, found it difficult, crossing the river Tat, the river Thu and Mount Luong to settle in Ky Son (now in the province of Shaan). West, China) – fertile, fertile land and no force will be completely affected.

Here, the Chu tribe began to grow, flourish and eventually replace Shang to form the Zhou Royalism, which had an intense impact on the history of the Chinese country.

So the word Thuy Hu in the two headings above, reference to the land where Chu Thai Vuong was leading its tribe to settle, which is also the land where Chu became prosperous later.

See again Thuy Hu, who knows the true meaning of the name and movie - 4

108 Liangshan heroes can not find the "exit" for themselves

Understand, Thuy Hu It also means "exit", "live way", is "where peace and prosperity" people who have gone through a life of distress, confusion. In this sense, the name Thuy Hu which was used to give the story of Luong Son's heroes fully understandable.

Unfortunately, in the end, the heroes from Luong Son's mountain could not find "out", he could not find the way to settle in as the boot that Zhou ever did . okay

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