Thursday , August 11 2022

Results U23 Laos vs U23 Philippines


Go into the last game with no goal. Laos and U23 Philippines U23 offer the game with the rain of nodes.

And the game scenario also caused the NHM to go astonishing. Gayoso opened the score for the island nation on 11 minutes. Over 20 minutes later, the Philippines created a safe score with a second goal thanks to Gayoso.

But nightmares with Philippines start here. A 15 minute break has helped U23 regain the spirit. Their attacking play also has a better line than the previous round.

In 74 minutes, Laos U23 shortened the score, opening the chance to win points in this game. But Laos U23 makes home audiences wait until the last minute to enjoy the fun. In the 88 minutes, the U23 Philippines net vibrates. And when the game is counted in just seconds, Laos U23 completed the 3-2 victory.

This result helps Laos U23 win the first 3 points and can return to the country in a high position. And U23 Philippines had a very disappointing tournament when it came out.

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