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Quang Ngai Chairman "accelerates" to check the case against the Director of the Home Affairs Department


He wrote documentation issued by the Chair of the Quang Ngai People's Committee, Tran Ngoc Cuong, on March 11 stating that many press agencies reflected Mr Tran Minh Diep – former Head of Education and Training Department in the Tra Bong area denoting Mr Doan Dung – The Home Affairs Department's Director has his personal reprimand. The reason Mr Mrp did not accept the two candidates was Mr. Dung in the recruitment exam in the Tra Bong area in 2018.

On that basis, the Chairman of the Provincial People Committee of Quang Ngai appointed the Provincial Inspectorate to preside and co-ordinate with the Provincial Commission for the Inspection of the Party Party, Internal Affairs Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Police and some units associated to advise and offer the People's Committee. The province established a validation working group, explaining the press information.

This working group will be led by the province of Inspector Quang Ngai as the leader. After validating information, it must advise the Provincial People's Committee to instruct handling cases in accordance with regulations.

The President of Quang Ngai accelerated to check the case of the Director of the Home Affairs Department - 1
Mr Tran Minh Diep said he had "been repayed" for not helping the Director of the Home Affairs Department.

Like People Mr Tran Minh Diep – former Head of Education and Training Department in the Tra Bong area, said that he did not receive the help of two candidates who were familiar with the Home Affairs Department Director, he was severely disciplinary to some errors in the process of arranging teacher examinations.

In the meanwhile, Doan Dung's Home Affairs Department admitted, thanks to Mr. Diep, said he had helped two directors to take part in the recruitment exam in the area examinations of the Bong Bong area. This comes from social relatives.

"I asked my brothers to help me, but they could not help me, but I did not put any pressure. An examination of the examination boards was conducted according to the guidance of the Provincial People Committee, checking a number of places, not just the area examinations council. While Bong For the disciplinary petition of wrong individuals based on relevant collections and working groups, this is not my personal decision, "said Mr. Dung at PV People.

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