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Predict the transport of 12 animals in the Pig World Year

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Many weapons predict this favorable career and romance this year.

Predict the transport of 12 animals during the year of Ky Hoi - 1

It is anticipated that the Chinese is a good year 2019 will be a good year

According to Chinese Chinese Zodiac, 2019 is a great year to make money and invest. This year will be a good year for every animal, year of joy, friendship and love. However, some animals need to pay attention to the details of their careers, their health and their relatives to have a happy and successful new year.


People, Ti, Suu, Mao and Mui will have favorable posts this year, according to Chinese estimates. After filling with energy and competitive spirit, these people are motivated to take every opportunity and set the maximum possible goal. They can receive good opportunities from July to October (dinner calendar). From the beginning of the fall to the end of the year, they have to work harder in the event of participating in group work projects.

What about the work of people Dan, Ngo, Than and Hoi this year? At the end of February and throughout March, they should balance work and life. Otherwise, they endanger their overspend and turn off. From October to November, they will be able to fulfill all their goals.

Year of the Pig will be an interesting year for people of an elderly, Ty, Teoster and Tuat. More ambitious than usual, they will no longer stand in the second place, but confidently become more frequent. Their efforts will be rewarded just from the beginning of the new year. Some delays may occur at the end of the year, but the final annual report has positive results.


With the age of Ti, Suu, Tuat and Than nam Ky Hoi, anxiety will become their enemy this year. As expected, these people should not do too much, which can lead to stress or insomnia. To maintain a balance, the ideal solution is regular exercise.

Those born in Tiger Year, Rhos, the Horse and the Rabbit also had a lot of energy during the Swine year. However, they should not be subjective but they should address health risks that can cause the body to lose weight as an overweight.

Predict the transport of 12 animals during the year of Ky Hoi - 2

Some animals need to pay attention to their career details, their health and their relatives to have a happy and successful year.

Those born in Thin, Snake, Mig, and Smell should also be careful about their health. Although they have a lot of energy, they can sometimes feel full. People of this age should allow them to rest for a few days and after being motivated, they will be prepared to continue working.


This year, happiness is waiting for people of Ti, Hoi, Mao and Tuat age. Married people will be loved and their partners will be very happy. In a single case, 2019 seems to be a good year for special dates.

The first three months of 2019 were very good for the romance of the people of Ti, Suu, Dan and Than. If in the last months of Mau Tuat, difficulties affect their spouse's life, this year trust and love will be restored. However, in the fall, they may be tempted to hatred. If one, Year of the Swine is a pretty quiet year. Only at the end of the year, starting in November, do they have an important meeting.

For people of Ages, Rooster, Smell and Ngo who are in love or spouse, this year can be a stormy year, especially if their wedding life is not expected. However, this year is a single year. They will have a definite meeting at the end of the summer or fall.

General prediction for 12 animals during the Ky Hoi period

A little – A year full of happiness and prosperity!

Ocs – Good year: many opportunities to make good money.

Gradually – People of this age are often independent and strong, always do what they want. But this year you'll need to learn how to compromise with others.

Crowns – A great year is waiting for you! Slightly more subtle, you can easily come along with others and make new friends.

Bear – For you, the peace of the Pigs year will help you to reconsider everything.

Poor – This year you need to become more aggressive and convincing.

Horse – The year of the pig will be a better year for you than the five dogs!

Arogli – A great new year, all your ambitions will be made.

Body – A year with lots of new opportunities!

Rhos – This year, you need to address relationships with others if you want to succeed.

Tuat – This year, depending on your own efforts to succeed.

Mochyn – You are Year of Swine. Start by planning and then start working: once you start action, you will start to see results.

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