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Non-excavated vacations, un-re-watched from a "uncle uncle" couple

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"Running meals for children who have struggled, bought money to buy kumquat, buy flowers, get something to eat, Tet holidays as well as days and week," said the husband 79 years old.

New no-peach, non-lunar year of the couple

On Tet Nguyen San's days, the simple nest of a 43-year-old couple and 3 small children in Ha Nam is extremely difficult. They have to run to eat meals for children. Tet comes with their families as well as their normal days and they are more concerned.

New year's no-peach, no-lunar of the couple

Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoc (79, in the village of Ngo Khem, Binh Nghia Common, Binh Luc, Ha Nam area) and a 43-year-old woman is busy caring for the children during the Lunar New Year. Their wedding had caused an excitement in the public opinion. In 2010, the bride was only 29 years old and the groom was 72 years old. So far, the love story "uncle – nephew" still makes the villagers talk about it.

New-year-free, non-pig, no-lunar couple

After almost 10 years of division, the couple had "uncle-grandchildren" with 3 children with each other. In 2013, Ms. Bich is pregnant and gives birth to twins (one boy, one daughter), in 2016, Miss Bich was pregnant for the second time.

New year's no-peach, no-lunar of the couple

During age loss, weak eyes and legs, illness, daily care for young children are difficult for him. "Everyday life is already getting tough. Tet is just like the usual day, Tet's kids from big girls ask to buy a kumquat, buy flowers. I told them to sell it all , he told them to sell it full of sugar, all but all. Listen to me and say that, "said Mr. This.

New year's no-peach, no-lunar of the couple

Throughout the day, caring for her children and caring for her husband and illness, Bich sometimes feels tired: "After getting married, having a baby is happy but & # 39 The plant grows, their lives are full of worries. "

A new non-pig, non-lunar year of the couple

Shortly after losing her father and sister, she lived with a disabled mother, who had a subsidy of 300,000 VND. She was suffering from defects in her legs, as she lived in poverty. Her life is still as difficult as before, but the worries about the future of 3 children will make her even more sad.

Unparalleled holidays, no-lunar Tet holiday from a couple

At present, Mr. Getting started and collecting the bottle as a whole, staying at home is doing some jobs at home. The whole family has 5 pounds to live thanks to the 1.6 million VND / month allowance.

New year's no-peach, no-lunar of the couple

He said that, when he was a young man, he took part in the field of Quang Binh and Quang Tri fields, and then spent through the southern provinces. In the 1990s, he returned to his own home and lived in a leaflet that his parents left.

New year's no-peach, no-lunar of the couple

Ms Bich said, in the past, neighbors love and help their families. On the occasion of the Tet holiday, local government supported a little rice and meat pressures, so the Tet holidays helped the children. The children were wearing old clothes that were given to them by the people, and they did not have the conditions to buy.

No-peach Festival, no-Tet of a couple

Bich's biggest concern is when her husband dies, she worries if she can grow to be a person.

Non-excavated, un-watched holidays of the couple

Mr. thanked This: "Now I'm almost all my life, we can fear one day when I do not know more about my wife and children."

New year's no-peach, no-lunar of the couple

Mr Hoc and his wife want a bright future, so that Lunar's New Year is fuller but their husbands are old and weak, and their wives are working hard so their children can not go to & # 39; r work, making life more difficult. Unbelievable, unexpected tattoo of the couple "uncle-coup".

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