Thursday , May 26 2022

Ngoc Trinh “crossed the team”


A few days ago, Ngoc Trinh and Luong My Ky attracted attention while participating in an event together. Immediately, the moments of two beauties were recorded in the same frame by the “crossing team”. Can see, if the candidate Miss transgender scored with outstanding beauty but looked quite “cheesy” because of the slightly cheesy dress.

All through this moment, there were many opinions that the hottest beauty contest was second Miss Transgender completely shaded while standing with “lingerie Queen”. It can be seen that thanks to her light make-up and simple style, Ngoc Trinh easily occupies the magnifying glass with beautiful beauty, enough to make the other person exciting.

Clip: Ngoc Trinh matches the beauty of Luong My Ky when comparing the same frame (Source: Tiktok)

Slim legs and chic style have helped Ngoc Trinh score points easily in the eyes of the other person (Source: Tiktok)

Being the second hottest beauty in Miss Transgender’s pageant, Luong My Ky couldn’t “surpass” Ngoc Trinh in terms of beauty and physique.

Photo: Facebook character

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