Tuesday , January 18 2022

Monsoon, the North is cold, the temperature is less than 19 degrees Celsius


* The cold cold rain, some places below 19 degrees Celsius

According to the National Hydrometeorological Forecast Center, North Wales has the rain, light and cold night, there is a cold in the mountain temperature below 19 degrees Celsius. Moisture in the whole region is quite high, from 63 to 99%. Hanoi, the lowest temperature from 10 to 23 degrees Celsius.

The provinces of Thanh Hoa to Thua Thien – Hue, a night with rain showers and some places, light winds. The lowest temperature is from 20 to 23 degrees.

Provinces and cities from Da Nang to Binh Thuan are sunny and evenings, with evenings and some temperatures. The highest temperature is 29 – 32 Celsius.

Sunny days, evenings and late nights of Mid and South Vietnam with storm showers and electricity. The temperature in the Middlelands varies from 18 to 31 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the South varies from 24 to 34 degrees Celsius, some over 34 degrees Celsius.

* Cut billions wire of everyday user interest

Thai Hoa Town Police, Nghe A new province has set up a special project to eradicate intense interest loan lenders.

At 6-11, Tai Hoa town police checked wild shops and financial companies in the area. At present, many wild organizations can not produce their prescribed operating licenses, and at the same time high interest rate loans are contrary to the law.

The police kept four subjects and fined 20 administrative officers. The police had also taken advantage of many documents, exhibitions, over 500 million in cash.

picture 1

Target group breaking police law

According to police documents, the monthly loan amount to more than 10 billion, the amount of illegal earnings is more than a billion.

* Chi Chi Minh City Inquiry Inquiries associated with black credit

The CSDT Police and the Ho Chi Minh City and Police C.3 investigated the murder case involving black credit on last November 8. Vo Thanh Tung (29 years old, lived in Area 3) was the victim.

Vo Ngoc Anh (57) borrowed money from a gang of black credit but lost the ability to pay. The black credit group calls constantly, threatens messages to a family.

In the afternoon of 8 November, the group went to the house of Ngoc Anh to ask for money and fight with Mr Tung's son – the son of Ngoc Anh. Mr Tung was stabbed to death and in hospital.

One day later, the police kept someone suspecting and looking for other subjects. This group of wagons, who lives in Ben Van Don Street, Area 4, is a sign of user interest, debt collection in black society style.

The name of the character has changed.

* Understand, threaten, and force business people to buy food safety manuals

As reflected by some food service businesses in Hanoi, they have recently received calls from strange numbers, claiming they are officers of the Hygiene and Food Safety Department, asking to buy a food safety guide book for 450,000 VND.

Mr. confirmed Tran Ngoc Tu, head of Ha Noi's Food Safety and Hygiene Department, said that phone calls to food shops and organizations present Health and Hygiene Department health workers or staff to have to buy books through a post office is a serious behavior, imitation. Regular training on food hygiene and authority safety is public, directly with free materials.

Mr warned that when receiving calls or text messages of this type, business organizations should notify functional agencies for immediate checking and handling.

* The United States – France: agrees to increase the European defense budget

US President Donald Trump and President of France, Emmanuel Macron, have agreed the need for an increase in European defense budgets.

"We want to help Europe but everything has to be fair, the budget burden is now on the US side," says President Trump.

President Macron expressed his sympathy that Europe needed to contribute more to the NATO defense budget, but did not remember to repeat its proposal to build an independent European defense.

picture 2

The French-American President still respects and harmonizes when he meets in Paris

Earlier, Mr Macron said that the European military itself was doing well to withstand potential competitors from Russia, Chinese and even America. Mr Trump criticized the idea and said that, rather than establishing forces itself, Europe should contribute more to NATO.

* Japan: The rate of suicide young people in the last 30 years

More children and young people in Japan commit suicide between 2016 and 2017 than any other time since 1986.

The latest survey shows that 250 primary and secondary school children have given up on their own lives for a variety of reasons. That is five times more than the previous year and the highest since 1986. The reason for this increase is unclear, according to the representative of the Ministry of Education in Japan.

Although Japan has always strive for high suicide rates – the main cause of death among young people, the problem has also spread across the Asia-Pacific region, including South Korea and Philippines. or Hong Kong (China).

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