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Mercedes S400 price list with latest Mercedes S models


Tuesday, November 27, 2012 06:28 AM (GMT + 7)

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Mercedes is not foreign in the Vietnamese car market with a series of luxury cars having a lot of customer popularity. In particular, the Mercedes S Class was officially introduced on the market on June 8 according to the expectation of many Vietnamese customers. Despite the upgrade, the S Class 2018 changes are still evident with five versions: the Mercedes S450L, Mercedes S450L Luxury, Mercedes Maybach S450, Mercedes Maybach S560, and Mercedes Maybach S650. Specifically, the lowest price is Mercedes S450L 2018 with an initial price of 4.199 billion.

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Latest Price Price Mercedes S450

Both versions of the Mercedes S450L and S450L Mercedes are powered by 3.0-liter 3.0L-3.0 VL 3.0 3.0 for the maximum power of 367 horse horses at 5500-6000 rpm and 500 Nm or torque. The rpm 1800-4500 rpm (stronger than the S400 with 333 horsepower).

Car model Machinery / Transfer Gallu Suggested price
S450L 3.0L – 9AT 367/5500 4,199
S450 Luxury 3.0L – 9AT 367/5500 4.759
Maybach S450 4Matic 3.0L – 9AT 367/5500 7,219
Maybach S560 4Matic 4.0L – 9AT 469 11,099
Maibach S650 6.0L – 7AT 630 14,499

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Refer to the Mercedes-Benz S450 4Matic design information

External Mercedes-Maybach S450 4Matic

The size of the Mercedes Maybach S450 2018 4Matic version includes a general length of 5,453 mm and a central wheel of 3.365 mm. At the front, next to the Mutibeam light bulb and a large grill, along with a new front bumper design with chrome frame chassis with two holes. In particular, to improve the beauty of Class S, Maybach is also sensitive to the gray. The 20-inch dual-alloy wheels replace the previous 19-inch multi-speaker.

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Exceptional luxury outside of Mercedes Maybach S 450 4Matic

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In addition, Maybach S450 also features features to attract customers with the head of the LED light bulb tail light cluster beautiful bird light "beautiful bird wings" together with the double double tube The shiny crome tiles are placed under the block to create sense of monolith.

In terms of the most attractive features of Mercedes Maybach S450 4Matic, the hatchback has a slim, attractive design that shines as you stretch over the road with long lines, small, door links, body panels, mirrors the back has a bending function , convert electric integrated integrated electricity electricity. Mercedes Maybach S450 4Matic.

Mercedes-Maybach S450 4Matic Interior

Internal review of Mercedes S450, interior design Mercedes Maybach S450 4Matic luxury with spacious, comfortable space, with Nappa leather interior and luxury nose shaped sewing. , has been rotated with valuable wood panels that make the Maybach S450 4Matic interior design more unique, generating the classics the Maybach line offers. Some modern equipment on the Mercedes Maybach S450 4Matic such as: 8.5L small fridge capacity, 2 glasses of Champagne money, internal trim and snorkel, back door opening, wireless charging for front seats, desk, cup cup, toprests headrest also have a great entertainment screen.

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Luxury and comfort Mercedes Maybach S 450 4Matic 2018

The design of the car has a shape formed by smooth curved wave waves and spreads equally in front of the cock to create a sense of balance and surface of the car. After emphasizing on the tableboard, there is a three-storey leather wheel and Maybach logo, which includes touch controls, digital shift rotation, and direct Direct Select dial.

Engine System

Mercedes Maybach S450 4Matic 2018 gasoline engine with 3L V6 M276 plates, a maximum of 367 horsepower, top automatic torque of 500Gm and 9G 9G 9G Tronic transfer. Mercedes Maybach S450 4 Matic 2018 uses Steer Direct electric steering with various variable speeds and steering to provide a smooth and smooth driving experience.

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The special Mercedes Maybach S450 4Matic had the customer's "preference" with the engine smoothly, it does not cause "shake" for people sitting inside. With what has been shown in the past, Mercedes Maybach S450 will be one of the strong competitors in the market.

The latest Mercedes 2018 price, Mer C200 is only 1489 billion

There are cars for Mercedes always accepting the favors of customers with competitive prices on the market. Update table …

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