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MEPs: Education reform is not about finding new things Education


Teacher teaching is a generation

Deputy Cao Dinh Thuong said there is a need to invest in pedagogy education, choose students with good qualities in pedagogical studies, raise their status and have a high choice for teachers, Benchmarking for teachers is the training method that is moving forward to pre-school or secondary school students all university degrees.

"If the doctor's training is 6 years, the teacher training is not necessarily every 4 years, perhaps 2.5 years but how to choose a young teacher, beautiful children to access," he said. and emphasized the importance of teacher training: "The teaching of men is human, with women the teaching of the family, but teaching a teacher is a generation. Thinking, that's what we need to think and move on, "Thuong said.

In terms of quality and teaching methods, according to Phu Tho's delegation, the quality of teaching is not high, very slow in innovation, often in teaching words, academic knowledge, light on learning life skills.

"The current textbook is too heavy, students are hard to absorb," he said, and said that there are complex problems that are very simple. For example, the first graders must only reach the literacy target; only secondary school students need to know the general information. But now we do not practice these things, very simple things become very complicated so students are hard to absorb them.

In his view, this problem is caused by adults, thinking too much that I can cramo into an immature brain, making learning get stressful, burdensome.

"Part of not being afraid of young children's learning is bored. In particular, parents want children to be" human beings "so they must be good at all, too can lead to psychological panic, this is a very wrong concept in education, contrary to children's ability. I do not think that children can learn to become "the other grandmother" when the children do not like and disqualify. Try to get a little of students are good in national literature becoming an author, a great poet? You have to develop the ability in the most reasonable way, "he expressed his opinion.

PSinging the textbook competition I

About the program of textbooks, according to Valuing representatives, you need to review the textbook program, carefully adjust. According to voters and many teachers, we all want the whole country to have a united textbook, since Vietnam is one, Vietnam is one, the rest is the referral book. Text books must be strictly evaluated and managed; Textbooks must be simplified, featuring Vietnamese and modern features in accordance with international standards; The curriculum must be lightweight, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to learn; The teacher must be very good, knowledgeable about the content of the program and pedagogy of psychology.

"It is advisable to launch the competition in secondary school teachers so that the textbook program is not automatic, a chemistry and doctoral teacher. If too many textbooks are hard to manage, they are hard to choose , hard to learn and unite and easily lead to the disorder of the textbook, then education goes beyond control, and the invalid results, "he said.

In terms of the examination, the delegates said that the teaching must be evaluated in an examination in principle, but now the examination becomes a major pressure, an overweight burden and misunderstanding.

"From the aim of learning to work, making people become learners to take exams, but for what to do, not everyone answers correctly, leading to disorder, confusion and leading to Much negative as the last time.

After each learning process, students must evaluate through exams and exams, but how to organize them properly, evaluate their essence appropriately, and spend less time, effort and money.

Mr. proposed I'm not going to organize the national secondary school today. The evaluation of secondary school grading exams should be assigned to the Education Department and the self-assessment and the local secondary school exam. Is there a national exam to choose students to the University, arrange close to the subject, exam, exam, exam, how to choose the right person, delete the negative, "Thu said.

Why are students doing a white mouse?

Delegated Duong Minh Tuan (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) mentioned the problem of experiments, experiments, which in some places have not met the requirements, students make a white mouse, well, I am not know where the students go wrong, go a mile …

"We have questioned the pilot, the experiment must be passed in the National Assembly or Standing Committee of the National Assembly. The verification body verification report also states that there should be a check and approval body before the pilot In this view, the drafting committee has included 2 items, however, he has recently heard that the editorial board is very difficult, but read carefully in the words to see how to write around, do not express & # 39; the desire, "the representatives' evaluation.

In particular, Article 113 of the draft, which the Government has presented to the National Assembly Standing Committee before successfully piloting a new tea application for new policies in education. According to him, this means applying for new types is also relevant that the pilot will not apply. "In essence, the situation of the drafting committee retains the will to experiment and experiment through the National Assembly Standing Committee. I can not give this," he said, and asked the drafting committee to comment on the content.

Piloting is billions, students make white mice, but for some reason it does not ask the National Assembly Standing Committee to tell us the reason, do not say round, you do not have to ask Situation. Congress, "said Tuan.

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