Friday , May 27 2022

Many western farms are poisoned


One or more rambutan in Phuong orchard was dry. Photo: Vinh Nam

There was a dry rambutan in the garden. Photo: Vinh Nam.

Nguyen Vo Duy Phuong (59 years old, the Binh Hoa Phuoc community, Long Ho area, Vinh Long province) reflects family families of 4,500 m2 of 240 families over the age of 3. have sabotage.

"10 days ago, I went to the garden to find the leaf of Thai monarchy and Java leaves red and fall, dry dry, die," said Phuong and said The soil at the bottom of the oil smell so far, is still angry.

Similarly, the perfect garden of Nguyen Van Nghia (62 years old) has 6 dead. This is the third time in five years, his garden was poisoned by a kerosene. "Two years ago, there were 44 rambutans almost 8 months old, green, the first kerosen producers, who died 30. Three years ago, the fruit of orchards orchards are also spoiled by this form," said Chia .

Root of rambutin was made in the garden among the people of Phuoc Bin Phuoc. Photo: Vinh Nam

A rhototype is made in the garden of people in Binh Hoa Phuoc commeros or kerosene. Photo: Vinh Nam.

Another garden of a rambock near Mr Cia's house also poured oil to the root killing some trees. The gardeners cut down and replant the trees.

This situation scares local people and expects the authorities to take preventive action soon.

"We have received information from people, counting losses and tracking those who carry out, investigating the destructive engine," said Colonel Tran Van Thang, head of public security Long Ho.

Vinh Nam

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