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Many journalists have cheated # 39; post in the journal 'international journalists';


Many journalists were tricked into posting in international journalism? - Picture 1.

"International journalist" Le Hoang Anh Tuan

At 21-5, exchanged with Youth Online, t Professor Dr. Truong Ngoc Nam – Director of the Institute of Journalism and Propaganda, it is possible to confirm "international journalist" now Le Hoang Anh Tuan has acted to deceive some university lecturers.

Accordingly, the magazine Anti-corruption of "international journalist" Le Hoang Anh Tuan only announced in the Czech Republic just a few to store in the library. However, from Number 2, 3 … onwards, this magazine is unpublished, but "international journalist" falsifies it in a very simple way, announcing … Vietnam.

"Normally, international articles of this kind will be published in reliable, standard journals, to be approved by the council and published cost no less than 2,000 EUR. But here , the articles but the lecturers posted on this fake magazine rarely cost anything, just diplomacy, invitations, hospitality.

In this magazine, the Director of the Institute of Journalism (Associate Professor Dr. Do Thi Thu Hang) has four posts and three other journalists have a job. You are also skeptical because the process of posting is too easy, but when you accept the print, you will find that the article is standard, just the form, has to be translated into & # The English … ", said Mr Nam.

So did these lecturers send international articles in an English or Vietnamese version?

In response to this question, Professor Truong Ngoc Nam said that the teachers only sent Vietnam manuscripts, while the translation into English, "international journalist" Le Hoang Anh Tuan "had received all the socks ". However, in the English version of the newspaper, there are "pieces that don't understand anything".

According to Mr Nam, the new policy of the Ministry of Education and Training is a scientific trainer and even a graduate must have an international article to qualify. Therefore, the academy also collaborates with many research institutions and overseas press agencies so that lecturers have more opportunities to publish international articles.

In that context, teachers sent their articles with the desire to be published in magazines. Anti-corruption published in the Czech Republic. However, despite the magazine's name Anti-corruption, the scientific articles sent by the lecturers have "not to do with the anti-corruption".

"These are false journals. The current treatment is not to acknowledge these articles because the articles are not published in international journals," said Mr. Impairment.

As for information, Professor Dr. Do Thi Thu Hang – Director of the Institute of Journalism, the article in this fake magazine on scientific documents to register how NAFOSTED has been processed, says Mr Nam. "only a few trivial items", the profile is still applicable.

"That's the subject Social network – The current situation and solutions in Vietnam under the chairmanship of the academy, Ms. Hang is a science secretary only, "said Mr Nam.

According to Mr Nam, in this case, the lecturers are sending the article fraudulently subtly, but "the teachers themselves don't feel cheated."

All the lecturers have good research, presenting articles in this "international magazine" only thicken the profile, so it can be shared with teachers at some point.

The Academy has reviewed and criticized the President of the Institute of Journalism for making the proposed procedure to bring Mr. Le Hoang Anh Tuan a member of the Association of Vietnam Journalists who is not in accordance with this. the principles of the principles and that we do not consult the Party Committee.

As the teachers were tricked into posting in fake magazines, he reminded the academy, especially when working with foreign partners, to be really careful, "Mr Nam stressed. T

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