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Many cars circulate on Ha Long's highway


Many cars that circulated on Ha Long - Hai Phong's highway were dropped - 1

Cars break glass because of washing

Information from Ha Long Expressway Management Board – Hai Phong today (February 22), in the face of many drivers saying that strange objects throwing stones in cars in circulation are dangerous to Safety and traffic life, the unit announced the an event to Quang Yen Town Police and asked for an investigation and explanation.

According to the Management Board, on February 18 and 19, a number of drivers from the Small Dang BOT station arrived to report on some objects that are standing on the station under the Tien Phong and Quang Yen crossings (Expressway Ha Long – Hai Phong near BOT section of Bach Dang) throws stones in cars that circulate here.

In particular, about 21h44 on February 20, Bang Bach Dang Station received a car driver's report with a BKS 15A – 316.98 Range Rover signal after having 3 objects on the bridge. throwing stones in the car. As a result, the Rover Range broke the glass first.

Many cars that were circulating on Ha Long - Hai Phong's highway were dropped - 2

The area where drivers report that bricks and stones are hit by a group of people (CTV picture)

Continue from 22h30 to 23h on the same day, with 2 more drivers coming to report on the car when circulating to the upper part are thrown stone bricks. In particular, the container trucks that carried BKS 77C.09299 carried the deposit, the other car was fortunate not to suffer a lot of harm.

Accept information from drivers, immediately at night, Ha Long Haverfordwest Management Board – Quang Yen Town Police Phong Hai informed the scene and asked for an investigation into the case.

The Ha Long Highway – Phong Hai with a length of 25 km and 25 m wide has to plan with 4 lanes to open on September 1st, 2018. The project is divided into 2 parts: Long Long Highways – Bach Dang bridge with 19.3 km long, total investment of over 6,400 billion VND (from the provincial budget). The second part is Bach Dang Bridge, the road, the end of the track, 5.4 km long, with a value of investing more than a VND 7,000 billion under the BOT form.

The case is explained by the authorities


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