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Male weight – sport fraud


Even if Can Tho authorities show evidence that the 18-year-old boxer is completely a girl, the story has not been solved. In addition, people in the world also pass on a written response that the Global Boxing Association (AIBA) sent directly to the British Border Alliance (BAV) leadership confirms that the investigation details, how including the chromosome assessment, to end Do Do Ng Ngoc that did not meet the standard for women's boxing. AIBA has also banned the 2018 World Youth Championship and the 2018 Youth Olympics.

Are you doing the Hong Ngoc project and the sportsman's trick - Picture 1.

Boxer Do Hong Ngoc (right) is suspected of being male – Photo: FBNV

It is possible that the "idol men" story will be harmed to wait until the General Sports Department comes to the right conclusion, if any, to return honor to the athlete and break down the suspicions of the delegation attended. British Sports in the 2018. In the other case, this will also be a strong warning because the anti-sport tactics, dishonestly, are waiting to move the final results in the period. The congress is held in Hanoi.

Does Hong Ngoc and the male masters hammer the sports village - Monday 2.

The AIBA paper has to do by hand by the boxing profession

This is not the first time the "idol men" doubt has appeared on a national sporting event. In 2000, at the Phu Dong National Phap Dong in Dong Thap, a 11th grade story claimed to be a girl to attend a jumping event, athletics at An Giang. The event was discovered when the woman had an N.T.P. the same shape as men and the relative performance of men.

Throughout the examination, it was noted that someone in PK was sexually … men and the problem is attributed to confusion of the family at birth, which lasted over a dozen years with a female birth, Dress long and sit with the girls. The error is not wholly of P.K, there is no deceit, achievement in this unfortunate event. Shortly afterwards, P.K. Who was treated with a very young man named N.M.C, and as promised by the doctors, he could marry and give birth to a normal man like many other men. N.M.C graduated from the College of Sport and Physical Education and is currently educating physical education in a junior high school.

Yes Hong Ngoc and the sporting game - Figure 3.

Heinrich Ratjen as Dora Ratjen who broke KLTG

If two typical Vietnamese sports cases can be mistaken for family or rumors of public opinion, in the history of sports in the world, prostitutes have caused many cases of tattoos, even Counted fraudulently.

Heinrich Ratjen, a German dancer who has hidden as a woman, named Dora Ratjen to attend the 1936 Olympics and only won the top five. The end is that Dora Ratjen "she" has won the gold medal, breaking the record with a 1.67m achievement in the Athletic Championships of the World a year later and then setting a new world record after 2 years. Only after objectors of the allegations and tests showed that Dora is the real man. Only because he was so young, his grandmothers were so small that he was raised by his family as a girl until he was an adult. Doctor confirmed that she was male, but he also confirmed that it could be "bisexual". Heinrich Ratjen died in 2008 when he was ninety years old and recorded his world in recognition of this rare event.

Yes Hong Ngoc and men's sports game - Photo 4.

Ewa Klobukowska and suspected lists from the athletics & world village

Ewa Klobukowska, a Polish athlete who attended the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, won the gold medal and broke the record on running 100m women. Suspects that Ewa is the man who organizes the chromosome test and claims to be "human", takes an Olympic gold medal and excludes women in the tournament. He called me a "piggy, stupid result" and thirty years later, the IOC had to return the medal that belonged to her.

Does Hong Ngoc and the male masters hammer the sports village - Monday 5.

Caster Semenya (South Africa) is a special case. The 26-year-old body has a muscle body as a man because it has a high hormone level (testosterone) but has not reached a "sex" level, so she's still part of the competition for girls. She has won three Olympic titles and two Olympic gold medals.

Yes Hong Ngoc and the sporting game - Figure 6.

Chand Dutee (296) won 100 silver silver medal and 200m at ASIAD 2018

Similar to Caster Semenya, the Indian athlete Dutee Chand is extremely male and has lost many competitions because the organizers believe that it is male viral, although the test results show testosterone levels at a allowed level She has been involved in the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

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