Monday , March 1 2021

Main retirement pension at home

On the afternoon of the 27th of November, Dong Nai Police Department, in conjunction with Birk Hoa City Police (Dong Nai), undertook a fieldwork, investigating the cause of death of Nguyen Van H. (born in 1957, a former head of secondary school at Ho Chi Minh City ) at home.

Police to explore scene

Police to explore scene

According to the original information, about 10 hours a day, some people found smoke smell at Mr. H. (Area 1, Buu Long Ward, Well Hoa City). who opened the door

After that, people call Mr. H. to break the door, inside it discovered that Mr. H. has long been dead. At the place and place, the victim lies down, the body declines.

Receive the news, Well Hoa City Police in collaboration with the Dong Nai Police Criminal Techniques Department to the location, the investigation, an investigation into the cause of victims' death.

Initially, the authorities pointed out that there is a car, a motorcycle to the ground floor inside the house, and does not harass furniture in the house.

It is known that H. is lightweight, in the process that teachers and students love. In 2017, he retired and lived alone in the house.

Mr H.'s cause of death is being investigated.

Vinh Thuy

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