Friday , August 19 2022

Mad theory: City & Liverpool Man must play the game play to win


Mad theory: Man City & amp; Liverpool has to play the second chance for the championship
According to Premiership rules, when two teams are equal, the following factors will be considered to determine the high and low difference: The goal difference, the number of goals scored. If both factors are equal, only if a winner, a discharge team or a European team is used.

Man City receives 92 points, 1 point more than Liverpool. Difference Man City is +68, 4 more than Liverpool. Many Manchester City goals are 90, 2 more than Liverpool.

Current time parameters for Man City and Liverpool

Where two teams are struggling to stop each other after 2 finals, it's not impossible. The crazy scenario will be Man City to lose against Leicester in round 37, winning only 3 points after the last 2 rounds. Liverpool did a little better, won 4 points in winning a strong match in Newcastle and fighting Wolves.

Round 37

New Castle 1-7 Liverpool

Man City 0-2 Leicester

Round 38

Brighton 0-4 Man City

Wolves 3-3 Liverpool

If this end actually happened, then for the first time in history, the Premier League must hold a "final" game to find the promoter. So, even if there is a loss, any team will be quiet. As Man City and Liverpool have both played very well this season and if they have to be listed below, the difference will be very serious.

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