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Loses Zidane, turning "enemy" Beckham-Football 24 hours


Thursday, 29/11/2018 16:16 PM (GMT + 7)

Most of the facts come to a conclusion: This is the last season of Jose Mourinho in MU. And if they have ignored the "One Special" at an early stage, the team is also looking for other faces.

Video MU Crystal Palace:

Tired Mourinho bored but Zidane?

Jose Mourinho has been on the left for some time now. But this is the third season of the Portuguese keeper at Old Trafford. Even if you keep your seat until the end of the season, this will be a very important year for the "special person".

MU is coming soon and # 34; Mourinho: Deficient Zidane, diverted & # 34; or Beckham - 1

Although Mourinho was bored, Manchester United did not have Zidane

At the end of the season, Vice President Ed Woodward and in particular the Glazer will re-inspect Mourinho's entire career. In the current context, Mourinho's story continues next season very hard.

Manchester United was dissatisfied with the English Premier League, although seasonal is only one-third of the season. Mourinho has never taken this club to the championship, not to mention winning the last three years. In the Champions League, the Red Devils is likely to finish in the second place.

However, Zinedine Zidane's number one appears to be unwilling to unite. German Bild confirmed that former Real captain agrees with the preliminary agreement of Bayern Munich. Any time Zizou could replace Niko Kovac, he would sit on the hot seat of the Allianz Arena.

Glanio Simeone

Zinedine Zidane, according to Manchester Evening News, the new Diego Simeone is now the number one United one. Argentina rescued Atletico Madrid, one handedly, from the ash, building its grandson's position not only in Spain but also in Europe.

MU is coming soon and # 34; Mourinho: Deficient Zidane, diverted & # 34; or Beckham - 2

Simeone and Griezmann may come to United

Strong personality Diego Simeone, outstanding leadership. The Old Trafford coverroom promises to be careful, and pimps like Paul Pogba and Eric Bailly do not stop fighting the captain again. The incredible dressing room was always Mourinho's issue.

Besides, Diego Simeone is very good in having a sauce and making superstars. Antoine Griezmann came from Sociedad i Atletico, bringing the French to the stars for a fee of 30 million euros, which is equivalent to 24 million pounds at the time. Other players under "El Cholo" also became stars.

So, if Simeone was going to United, Glazers would not have to spend hundreds of millions of pounds every summer to buy players like Mourinho. This is obviously more of Argentina. Simeone was a rare departure that did not follow Manchester United's assaulted football.

And not just the Simeone coach but the Atletico team is also on the outskirts of the "Red Devils". Andrea Berta – Atletico Madrid Technical Director, is contacting her to come back to United. The 46-year-old is the Italian man of Simeone in Atletico, as there is a close relationship with "El Cholo".

In the past, Diego Simeone was the English football enemy. 1998 World Cup, when England and France meet, Simeone has made David Beckham having to have a red card. In particular, NHM MU was special and Britons generally hated Simeone to the bone, because the red card that made the "Three" was eliminated, making Beckham criminal.

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