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Look for kneeling young men, wearing women's skirts in the elevator


According to the leaders of the Quy Nhon City Police, although it is not known whether the incident has to take place in the apartment building, such as information about the pass or event that was deliberately established by the object a & To put on the Internet to "like" the sentence. this also needs to be addressed because the image of a man looking up against a female skirt is very offensive.

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The image of the young man kneeling on the floor of the lift raised his head to look inside a girl's skirt, causing public opinion to be squeezed.

Previously, from the afternoon of May 13, on the social network, there was a related picture of two strange objects disturbing a girl in a dress in an apartment building lift.

Also according to the information posted, the location of the incident was noted at Simona Flats Building, Van Hoang Thu, Quy Nhon City, Province of Binh Dinh.

In particular, image taken from a building security camera Block A building Simona Hoang Van Thu around 21h56 at 13/5.

At the time, there were two subjects with unusual behavior standing in front of Simona's elevator door. The object was constantly looking around.

At 21h57, the subject was wearing a black shirt, white party shorts went to the lift with a little girl wearing a flower skirt. This object had taken steps to kneel down on the lift floor, close to the woman's feet, behind her head at the back of the girl's skirt. At the moment, there was nobody in the promoter outside this person and the victim harassed.

Pictures taken from the camera after posting on facebook coverage of the network community were quickly received. Many people condemn distorted distorted behavior. Meanwhile, many people are also worried about the girls walking alone in the elevator.

Look for kneeling of young men, wearing women's skirts - 2

Flat Block Building Notice Simona Hoang Van Junior, Quy Nhon City.

The building manager Simona Hoang Van Thu then placed a notice to look for the object and warned residents to be vigilant.

Speaking more about the event, police leader Quy Nhon said: “Because the image taken online cannot capture the victim's face, it is not clear whether the young person is an adult or adult. 39 n being harassed. I sent you via Simona Apartment to check and explain. If the event is true, it must be dealt with strictly in order to prevent it. Images cause great discomfort ”.

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