Tuesday , May 17 2022

Lion pushed the puffin to kill the children only


Lion pushed the puffin to kill the children only

A lion mum protects them both in the puzzle circle. Video: BBC.

Charm, the leading lion, is successful in tackling the scary buffalo that is about to die his two-week son in the struggle of life and death in African grassland. Long Room. The collision was recorded by the BBC crew on the document "Natural Dynasties" on October 25.

Those who watched the show expressed concern about the courage and blasting blows. There is a fear for others to know that herbs like a bumper can attack lots.

A wild buffet often kills young birds to weaken their lions, their predecessors. In the video, a big wild buffet goes to the lion cube, hiding under a tree in the Musiara sea in the countryside of Kenya Masai Mara. Charm protects both children and grows an intimidating threat, enforcing the buffalo to give the best to throw young lions.

Gors is the head of the Gors Marsh. All male adult lions leave, leaving Charmaine and cousin, Sienna, striving to feed and protect 8 young people. The filmmakers spent the BBC 18 months recording Kenyan Charms.

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