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Legally for 12 years in prison with the protection of a 72-year-old ear at school


At 13:30 on October 12, 1977, Le Ba Nhan (73 years old) defended a primary school in the Huong Son area, Ha Tinh, when cleaning a baby The girl who stood outside the toilet had broken & # 39; candy r and fall in.

When performing a lustful act with a young pineapple, it's scared to be exposed so it stops, saying "go to the class, let it work again".

The boy told the story to parents. Working with the authorities, Mr. Until the behavior. The results showed that the girl had been injured in the locked area.

Defender Nhan in the trial in May. Photo: Duc Hung

Defender Nhan. Photo: Hwng

In the first instance opened in May, the People's Court Ha Tinh sentenced defendant Nhan 12 years in prison Child rape, according to Article 102 of the 1999 Penalty Code.

Given that the ruling was too heavy, Nhan appealed.

In the case of appeal opened in Ha Tinh on November 28, the High Court of People in Hanoi stated that there was no basis for mitigation and punishment, stating the case in the first place. He assessed the court, the defendant did not say sincerely, because of hearing reasons to ignore the prosecution evidence of the prosecution.

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