Tuesday , August 9 2022

Lee Coach Park Hang-here, a proposed assistant to lead Vietnam U22 to SEA Games


VIDEO: A Trainer Park returns to Vietnam, ready for Asia U23 VL

After a long vacation in his hometown of Korea, Coach Park Hang-recently returned to Vietnam to start preparing for new goals with Vietnam Phone in 2019. One of the first jobs The Korean strategist had returned to Vietnam to meet with VFF to discuss plans to lead the teams. This is also a problem that has a lot of attention when Mr. Park his aspiration to lead only one of both Vietnamese football but not both.

The reason why Mr Park was made is 30th SEA Games and 2022 World Cup qualifiers that were held with us at the end of this year. So, Coach Park Hang-this is worried that the leadership of both teams is difficult. In addition, he said that his health is no longer the same as that and is afraid that it will affect the efficiency of the work. The Korean strategist also offered the Vietnam Football Federation to assist Lee Young-jin to lead one of the two teams instead.

"Lee Young-jin can take me a team. During this time he worked hard and proved himself. However, I still wait for the decision from VFF ".


As a long-time close-up assistant and friend to Coach Park Hang-here, Assistant Lee is the one who understands the greatest football philosophy of the Park. In 2017, Mr. Lee Young-jin everyone came to Vietnam to take an assistant role to Park Hang-this, despite having a good job in Korea. According to Mr Lee's explanation, he came to Vietnam because of Park Park-this is his friendship.

In Vietnam Phone, Lee Young-jin's assistant influence is huge. He is the direct trainer for the training players, as well as contributing to the construction of tactics with the trainer before each game. The young players from Vietnam, such as Cong Phuong and Quang Hai, have a great impression of Mr Lee Young-jin. Therefore, it is considered that the right to lead one of the two teams (possibly U22) to the Lee assistant is reasonable.

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