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Lam Khanh Chi revealed pictures suddenly when he was 14 when his first love was not transsexual


Thursday, February 21, 2019 13:55 PM (GMT + 7)

Transgender people are not afraid to publicize their first identity at age 14.

Through the personal page, Lam Khanh Chi has just shared the image of a transgender aged 14, but again.

He wrote: "Saigon in 1993, when I was 14. My first girlfriend is here. A new age knows how to love this. Get a picture of memories, the soul suddenly returns to # 39; The past I have played 2 goals completely with 2 unhappy and lucky life. Finally, everything was happening. Happiness smiles to me. "

Lam Khanh Chi revealed pictures suddenly when he was 14 when he did not change his first love - 1

Lam Khanh Chi posted pictures when she was 14 years old on her first love.

He recently received the attention and comments of the audience. Viewers appear to be very proud to look back on the Lam Khanh Chi portrait in the spring. At the time, it was quite notable, had a white skin and a fashion sense.

Announcing her first boyfriend, the singer did not think tagging (tagging) the name of the boy she liked at age 14. At this moment, this person lives in the United States and is a successful employee.

Lam Khanh Chi suddenly revealed pictures when he was 14 when he did not have transgender in the first place - 2

Lam Khanh Chi (right) without transgender has a male beauty.

Speaking to us, Lam Khanh Chi said she respected the past and present. For female singers, what's in the past is a beautiful and unforgettable memory. "I kept it so that when I was looking back, I knew what I did and did what I was trying to do more. ", she greeted.

Lam Khanh Chi revealed the picture suddenly when she was 14 when she had not transgender the first love - 3

When in Lam Chi Khanh, the male singer owned a huge wage.

In the 2000s, Lam Khanh Chi at the time with the cam name, Lam Chi Khanh, was a male singer with huge and expensive show fans.

In 2012, at 33, Lam Khanh decided to change his life – transgender surgery, completely taking the name of a new step.

When living with sex, Lam Khanh Chi is considered beautiful and female. She always aims to have real love and be a mother.

At the end of 2017, Lam Khanh Chi married his 8-year-old uncle – Tran Phi Hung. At the moment, as well as singing, she and her husband also do business in fashion. The singer admitted, his decision to transgender was right because she could become a real girl and marry the man she loved.

Lam Khanh Chi revealed pictures suddenly when he was 14 when he did not change his first love - 4

Combined Lam Khanh Chi and Tran Phi Hung.

Recently, Lam Khanh Chi suddenly showed her face close to the birth of her son with a method of pregnant women. The transgender singer said that his son's name is Tran Huynh Thien Long, the common name in the home is Cu Bi. The singer and husband are very proud of bringing the baby from Thailand to live with the family.

"Now my life is happy and full. I am happy, after many years, that my dream of becoming a mother has become a reality. As Cu is coming home, Mr Hung helped me a lot, from Look after a shop, manage and receive shows for family jobs. He played fewer games and spent more time caring for the baby. My joy has not yet stopped, " He praised the born singer in 1977.

Damaged because of 650 guests

Lam Khanh Chi continues to hold a 1 year wedding party with the number of "terrible" guests.

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