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Kim Tea Hee was asked to pay off her 20-year-old debt – Showbiz Life


Wednesday, 28/11/2018 08:15 AM (GMT + 7)

No matter how hard his brother's love is hard, Kim Tae Hee and Rain call "debtors" with debts 20 years ago.

Kim Tea Hee and his wife, Rain, have faced a series of loud sounds from the family.

Kim Tea Hee was asked to pay his wife 20 years ago

Kim Tae Hee has just finished her business trip to Vietnam.

On March 27th of November, a series of top Korean news sites said that Lee Wan, younger brother Kim Tae Hee, has left out secretly Lee Bo Mee. Lee Wan female athlete less than 4 years old. Due to hidden pictures, the actor must have public relations in public.

Laundry, Lee Bo Mee, owns a sweet and beautiful body. He has had a successful 19-prize career in the Japan Golf Association Women's Professional Tour, and is an honorary ambassador for the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

Kim Tea Hee was asked to pay his wife 20 years ago - 2

Lee Lee, Kim Tae Hee, shows that Lee Be Mee is.

He also said the source, despite not talking about getting married, but Lee Wan and Lee Bo Mee told their parents. Death Stairway in heaven also intends to find seriously before the wedding.

Shortly after the news spread online, Lee Wan published his departure from the agency, Lua Entertainment. This is considered to be managed by the family company and Kim Tae Hee and the brother of Lee Wan over the years.

Kim Tea Hee was asked to pay his wife 20 years ago - 3

Lee Bo Mee has a successful career, beauty and stereotypical status.

Although Kim Tae Hee's noisy brother's love has fallen, her husband is still being called "naming" due to the debt of more than 500 million. In particular, one person who ran the job said that the rain singer of Bi Rain did not pay for a long time.

That person said his mother and late dad, Rain, and opened a rice shop at Yong Moon Market in Seoul in 1988. At that time, he lent 17 million (351 million dong) and earned 8 million in money ready (165 million dong) but did not return at that time because it was too difficult. After that, there was no mention of paying the debt.

Kim Tea Hee was asked to pay his wife 20 years ago - 4

Headaches are also headaches because his parents are accused and fraudulent.

He also included a copy of the loan letter signed by his parents, Rain said:My parents are over 50 years old. I wrote to Rain and tried to contact her but never succeeded. It's too late to submit a legal case and I can no longer afford legal intervention. Give us the money back, even the hours. "

According to this person it came to Rain company to collect debt but no results: "But when they got rich, they did not pay back, they laughed on television."

When the information was revealed, Rain's representative Rain announced the official announcement: "Hello, we're a Claw Company. Let's know when we make this late official announcement.

We are currently in the process of confirming whether or not the information is correct.

As the event's confirmation is associated with the recent Rainmate, so we will meet the people in question quickly and check if the debt actually exists. We will do our best to find a solution. "

Kim Tea Hee was asked to pay his wife 20 years ago - 6

Bi Rainman, Kim Tae Hee.

Previously, Rain shared that he was born in a poor family and had to have a shortage of life, finding it hard. Even if the singer had been hungry for a week, clean water did not drink. At that time, his father became bankrupt, his mother fell ill and died.

Everyone has to look after Kim Tea Hee after the wedding

The actress was greatly welcomed by Rain, Rain.

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