Tuesday , August 9 2022

Judge of Thailand E22 has criticized & # 39; U22 Vietnam has finished badly


Namlygu Vietnam 0-0 Thailand

In the afternoon of 20 February, U22 Vietnam and U22 Thailand had a confrontation in the last group A game in the Southeast Asia U22 tournament. Both of them have participated in the semi-finals, so this game has only many procedural meanings. It is also for this reason that both Vietnam Vietnam and U22 Thailand launched the start line with many backup players. The game was very open, but unfortunately no goals were scored.

The conflict between U22 Vietnam and Thailand U22 became definitely. This means that Vietnam comes in the finals at the top of Group A, while Thailand is the second team.

Speaking after the game, the coach U22 Thailand, Mr. Alexandreda Da Gama Lima shared his view after the team's performance: "We also want to win this game but my player has an injury and must be put in the first half." The final is also proud of me. I think the conditions of the tournament are awful. We have 3-4 players that have been injured, then we have a penalty card. It's a disadvantage for us.

U22 VnRegarding U22 Vietnam, Mr Lima said that U22 Vietnam had the ability to control and pass the ball very well, but it has a lot of restrictions in finishing: "Today they played well. They kept & The ball and pass the ball empty but I have a problem with the ability to finish, the most important thing in football is scoring goals to achieve, not control & # 39; the ball and wait to see if they can improve in the upcoming game come or not ".

When asked if I'd like to meet Vietnam again in the final 22, the Thailand U22 coach responded carefully: "I have not thought of that game yet. We're aiming to reach the final," But we & # 39; i go to the finals only. I'm only focusing on the upcoming conflicts with Cambodia. He is a very strong opponent and it will be an extremely difficult game. "

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