Tuesday , August 9 2022

IZ * over BLACKPINK has never been covered by ITZY after just over a week's launch.


In the "M Countdown" weekly music program on February 21, ITZY "DALLA DALLA" and "TWIT" Hwasa (MAMAMOO) are competitors this week. In the end, the win was owned by the JYP rookie, helping the team bring his / her first career victory.

The IZ * ONE BLACKPINK record has not been cut by ITZY after just over a week of release - Monday 1.

ITZY won the first trophy in his previous career Hwasa (MAMAMOO)


So, ITZY has set the record for the fastest women's group in the music show after 9 days first, exceeds IZ * UN (10 days) and BLACKPINK (13 days). Following this list is (G) I-DLE (the 4th site with a 20 day achievement) and Loss A (5th site with a 22 day achievement).

ITZY has not signed the IZ * ONE BLACKPINK record after just over a week of release - Photo 3.

ITZY set a record for the women's group that triggered the fastest faster trophy on musical shows

"DALLA DALLA" – ITZY [“M Countdown” 21/2]

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