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Invite "Mourinho Asia" to play Soccer Seo-24h Park Hang

Sunday, February 3, 2019 13:05 PM (GMT + 7)

Following the successes of Coach Park Hang Seo along with the Vietnam team, Thailand is considering inviting the Korean military leader to lead.

Thai video losing to China in the 2019 Asian Cup:

The 1-1 defeated India made Coach Milovan Rajevac "flying the seat" as soon as the Asian Cup 2019. As the temporary manager of Sirisak then brought Thailand to On the eighth round, it is clear that the Football Association of the Temple Gold (FAT) still needs a strategic strategy to guide the future "War Elephants".

Thailand learns from Vietnam: Invitation & # 34; Mourinho Asia & # 34; This Hang Park - 1

Thailand is considering appointing Corea Shin Tea Yong coach

According to Siam Sports, the trainer of the name "Mourinho Asia" Shin Tae Yong through his agent has proposed to become a Thai manager.

"Mr Shin Tae Yong plans to lead Thailand after starting with Korea, which has been following the progress of this team for the last 7-8 years, with the experience of leading the ball. Core Korea, Shin Tae Yong, will be help raise the level of Thai players to achieve the qualifying goal of the World Cup.

With the leading record leading U20, U23 and Korea's national team to attend the 2018 World Cup, Shin Tae Yong coach is expected to regenerate Thai football after successively defeating an international arena.

The Thai Football Federation may agree with the Korean military soon becoming a reality. Due to this, the preparation process for 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia is becoming very urgent. Additionally, Shin Tea's trainer Yong showed her for Thai football.

But, in particular, after the success of Coach Park Hang Seo along with the Vietnam teams, the Thai press claimed that FAT wanted to try to jeopardize managers from kimchi land. And it's very likely that FAT for this reason will receive the trainer Shin Tae Yong.

However, one of which is the choice of Shin Yae Shin coach depends on many factors. The most important thing is to fit with a Thai team play.

If the Thai side agrees to the Shin Tae Yong agreement, Southeast Asia will have the chance to witness a promising competition between two Korean strategists between Park Hang Seo – Shin Tae Yong in the future. .

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Coach Park Hang Seo a Vietnamese star are honored in the Victory Cup.

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