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Identify Cardiff vs Crystal Palace 23:30 on 4/5 Premiership


English Premiership 2018/19 only 2 more rounds will reduce the curtain. At the moment, at the bottom of the chart, the situation has almost been arranged. Huddersfield and Fulham have received the long-term ticket.

Cardiff vs Crystal Palace 23:30 on 45 (Premier League 201819)
Cardiff vs. Crystal Palace

The rest of the rest seems to be hard to escape from Cardiff, which is ranked 18th with 31 points, less than 4 points away from the group t safety. This means that the Welsh team have to win the two remaining games, and hopefully the opponent will stand on Brighton to win just 1 more point in those two games making an amazing escape.

However, even with the necessary conditions (Cardiff won 2 games) it was also an impossible task for teachers of the Instructor Neil Warnock. Cardiff is showing a very disappointing face when losing 5/6 last. If the loss against Liverpool, Man City or Chelsea is acceptable, the defeat of the Fulham discharge team in the previous round shows how weak Cardiff is.

Meanwhile, Crystal Palace has no incentive to compete when it has managed to fall. However, the uneasy psychology helped the London team to play exceptionally well: only a quarter of the final game, including a 3-2 victory against a big arsenal.

The record is also very positive for Crystal Palace: winning the last 4/5 matches in the Premier League, where he scored 11 attacks. If calculated by TLCA, Crystal Palace won 8/9 games away from the nearest home.

– The last 10 battles, Cardiff won 3 games, drew 2 games and lost 5 games

Cardiff: Bamba, Paterson, Connolly, Ralls injuries. Arter, Gunnarsson, Zohore has mild pain
Crystal Palace: Sakho, Tomkins, Schlupp are absent due to injury. Benteke suffers from mild pain

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