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I accept the law “paying for a cake”, but don't cover or stick to people in the profession!

Referring to Thu Trang and Tien Luat, as well as the audience having to revoke because of their improvisational talents on stage, the public still remember the couple's Empire Wanderer who fled The community is online in the year. 2018 in the Thap Tam Muoi web play. With over 100 million views for three episodes broadcast on Toutube, this is one of the most successful web dramas in Vietnam. Soon after, Thu Trang and Tien Luat decided to push their boat to the big sea by making a film version with a new name: Thirteen sisters.

Ekip was bravely reformed, as well as keeping the Cui Cuan Doan's soulful of the web play, it included Mrs.. Thieu is so new that it is strange to many fans of the Bang Tam. . In addition, Thu Trang and Tien Luat share honestly the story of a comic decline, artists who have to borrow a play on the web to borrow or keep their love.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 1.

Why did the brothers and sisters decide to name the film "The Three Sisters" instead of "The Three Sisters of The Movie"?

Thu Trang: When I upgraded to the movie version, I want Sister Thirteen to be different from a web play. The Black Triangle is investing less money, ekip works at the heart of making web drama. When Ekip has started in the cinema, Ekip has always had the spirit of being a theatrical film, with the need to work from the start to the end. Even actors in the film, they themselves must invest in acting, deepening the psychology of characters much more.

The Black Triangle that viewers see on youtube with the Gypsy brothers is another world.

The fact that Ms Thirteen has changed so much of her comparison with the Black Tam, are you afraid of offending the audience with our hard supporter of webdrama? It does not prohibit the possibility that they will be disappointed and that the response is reversed?

Thu Trang: People who watch web dramas and audiences in theaters are two different subjects, so putting the movie from youtube to the movie version is a difficult problem.

To serve the audience of the web play, ekip has added the details that are the highlight of the Ten Years Days, questions of the audience will be from the play. Web are presented to the big screen by ekip. For filmmakers, the actress is Sister Thirteen all familiar film faces.

By the Sister film The Eleven, I would know whether people who see the web play on youtube want to go to the cinema to watch a movie, this issue takes time to know.

One of the unfortunate big changes between the two versions is that Sister Muoi is no longer "charming" about Gypsy like the Ten Tam Muoi anymore?

Thu Trang: On youtube, I can do what I want, be creative, but Mr Law and I work long enough to know where we should stop. When the audience saw the ten-day web play, this film was about black society but it had to be fun and enjoyable. The movie version too, I still want to keep humor through the movie. The thirteen-year-old sister is heavy on the comedy factor – lots of entertainment and not too many violent scenes.

Advocacy: The film must pass censorship, so everyone must be within the framework and have some specific stops. I and I had many concerns, finding ways for the audience to see the brotherhood in the union still there, while they had another cover. Fortunately in terms of screenings, even those who have seen the web play have received this film, this is a good sign for the crew.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 2.

After the apostles twelve apostles and before the film, Ms Ten, there are many web series of other artists who share the same space as Sister Ten. Have you ever sat down to unite your evolution from the universe to be reasonable?

Thu Trang: Which house does the film do? Quách Ngọc Tuyên worked as a Micro-Silver Fairy, because of the self-enterprise. I do not know and I do not interfere with the work of colleagues. The audience will accept strong people making, important quality products.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 3.

Many plays appeared on the web with Global Ten Honey, are you afraid to weaken the substance of the Ten Thousand and influence the film "Thieu Ba"?

Progress of the Law: In fact, Trang and I are not the first to make a web drama on the subject of black society.

In 2014, when I was rushing to paralyze the famous films, I thought of this idea and talked to A To, but Trang was too busy to record a game show so I put it down. After a while, T Viet Trung Trang invited to play a role. Thieu, who invited me to be a guest, but at that time was not called Runway. By 2018, I had to raise the question to Roo, starting Tam Tam's operation.

This is not the first film about the gangster's subject, but it does have a strong impact by touching our audience, who have never seen a film about the black society's subject. , look at the Black Cross they like.

80% of the Twelve age group has 18 to 25 age group, the film also receives great support from his fellow brothers, ekip is very happy about that.

After the Ten Years Days, many other popular web plays are also being produced. I think there is nothing to eat under this Black Cross, because the same director did it. But I think the audience in every drama on the web is different. Those who watch and love the ten thousand Buddas, will have a different perspective on our films than other web plays, in this respect we are very confident.

Thu Trang: Making drama on the web is very easy now, it has a separate youtube channel and anyone can do it. Important is the quality, quality products, the more choice the audience has.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 4.

Many audiences are waiting for the play on the web, part 2 of Tenth Tenth after the 13th Sister?

Thu Trang: There will never be a second episode in the web drama version. If there is no movie version, we certainly have done Black Tam 2. However, because we have produced Mrs Ten, we have taken our boat to the big sea, no foolish. take it back to the river and the lake.

If there are two, even four, even four, then the film will still be the movie version.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 5.

Is the amount of 20 billion investment in Eleven Sister a figure too big for risk?

Progress Law: Many people in the industry also said that direct films that had invested so high had also made the couple confused, but just ignored. The audience has also known the name Thu Trang – Tien Luat, I don't want to make a movie that isn't kind and it's made a product that isn't our investment. I have to do it right first, the natural and favorable issues after that.

If I didn't do Trang, they'd have to be a place to do it. Basically, our web drama has invested a lot, just inconvenient to say it. When putting the movie into the theater, we have to try to show the audience that we have nothing to do with the web drama in movie. The Third Sister has many scenes, and the recording is very expensive. The Ten Thousand Buddhas turned in the rainy month, so it was necessary to store things out when it was raining, so it always took hundreds of millions of times, and so on.

I look forward to the audience's support for the film, so that Sister Thirteen can do the second, the third part.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 6.

Was Ekip worried that his film will be given on a scale compared to Hai Phuong and set a record of Vietnam film revenues?

Promotion of the Law: The Third Sister from the beginning was known as an action film. For the characters in Sirteen Sister, let them have a martial arts of the first class. I want my film to be close to the audience. A thirteen-year-old sister could not have an excellent martial arts, other characters from the street, so fighting was also a high street. Sister Thirteen's main message is still a fond of a brother, people come from difficulties, brothers and sisters never leave each other's hands.

Thu Trang: Hai Phuong Van Ngo Phuong is a pure craft action film, Tirteen is a comedy. From the start when planning to produce the movie version, ekip identified a 70-80% comedy, just for the movie that the film is more attractive. For example, sitting on a dining table with someone coming to look for a story, in the real world, could not fly up to the neck? Flexibly, it will catch the beer bottle up and beat it on the head, so our life. I have a table in advance with the waterfall that must be built so that it is true and close, not leaning towards a beautiful martial arts style.

However, it is impossible that the action of the Ten Milk is still more "time" than Ba ​​Sister, so is the commercial problem to set for the Third Lady safe?

Enforcing the Law: Our Ekip was able to achieve the fight, and to shoot it and kill it, but did the audience want it really?

We have a reference to the publisher, they said that over 80% of the audience had come to the theater and watched the web play and wanted to see the film, so that they were confident to do so. When I started working, I had to press and pull the other 20% from the audience into theaters. In addition, we have to have a movie to censor, this problem is very difficult.

I was a Trang of the view that the audience liked the tenth Thousand Sometimes, not because of the beating and beating scenes, they liked the comedy in the film, they loved it With the way the brothers were treating them, for me, just needed to bring those things to the big screen was a success. The most important thing is the content, confident that those who have never seen a web drama, Crossroads, will still support this version enthusiastically.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 7.

Many artists have to produce a lot of drama on the web, to borrow to make art, so what about the 2 brothers and sisters?

Thu Trang: Na. I and Mr Luat have been living under the motto of "making sure you are wearing and wearing a durable", based on their ability, one and rice is biklo or not. We do not dare to borrow or sell houses and cars to follow a big game. I understand how I feel when I don't have money to handle it, so I and Mr Luu are also doing anything first.

Promoting the Law: If I don't have a family, I will dare play, because if I lose on my own, I am just a life. But I have a family, there are lots of things to worry about. Trang and I went from the hard time, especially Trang who had witnessed the family bankruptcy, we understood better than anyone and we feared him.

Do you know there is a saying "Because comedy is over, so new artists are making tremendous films"?

Promoting the Law: For me, comedy is eternal, people don't laugh how to live. The comedy point, so the new artist makes movies with me wrong, trying to look at the most famous names, the top box office today, all are comedians, not at all there is regression.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 8.

"Page, I will treat you to everything, with one condition …"

A husband and wife are busy with art, how did they both care for their children and keep the fire for their little families?

Promotion of the Law: From the moment I was married, I told Page: "Well, I will treat you with everything, with one condition, I have to love your family t , being polite to your parents, I just love you, just do it, I learn everything for you ".

I used to be cleaner, a boy playing, but when I chose a woman to be my wife, I had to see how their family were. Not to see if they are rich or poor, I want to see if their parents love each other, see how they love their children, how members are; The family treated each other, seeing their family's life to know that the girl knew of the front.

Trang has been with me for nearly 10 years, without the page getting excited or ever misunderstanding, she always took the first step to "stop". I am also myself, a husband and wife think about what belongs to the family, anyway, I am a little but everyone is happy.

After being with each other for 10 years, have you ever found yourself suffering so much to explode?

The Law: There was a time when I didn't get a job to stay at home, my mother asked: "Why not go to work, how can I go?" That question touches men's pride. At that time, there was no private driver, the moving page moved. By my account of the time I married until I got married, I went with my wife to the place where I left that place. Since I knew that Trang had told me to meet the director to meet, I said I didn't like it. I didn't run actively to the studio, meet the director to ask, "how are you, my husband, Thu Trang?" Later on when I married, then I was unemployed, and called Trang again. I don't like asking this person to let me have a role, the page is calling to call back so that the couple used to cause it.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Picture 9.

Do you think the Trang initiative makes you "overwhelmed"?

Promoting the Law: Actually, the person who decides everything is me and not. People thought Trang was the one who made the decision, but when Trang did anything, from big to small, she always asked "is that ok?" To the point where I have to say "God, do it yourself, why do you ask me anything".

Thu Trang: The law and I like to talk to each other, one that I am big or small, we discuss with Mr Luat , it will analyze, then always set a "custom" sentence, then I decide. And while I wanted it, Mr Luat told me that I still can't do it, so my wife can agree. The work they both agreed to succeed, unfortunately, the couple still held our hands happy. From the marriage to the present, something big and big must discuss and then decide.

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Monday 10.

She's famous before her husband, seeing Mr Luat as he was not famous yet. Do you worry when you see that your husband has many fans, the textiles audience expresses too much affection?

Thursday Trang: I think male supporters also have female stars. His law condition is for me to love the family, I also have conditions for him.

Speaking about the physiology of men, we accept that the Law does not "pay for a cake", but that it does not cover, including people in the profession. Fortunately, Mr Luat has never broken the law so far, so his family is happy and happy.

Mr Luat only suffered from "crap" disease or said "walking" on Facebook and then turning. I reminded him: "Oh my god, I'm going on to comment every night"! Mr Law has recently stopped.

Promoting the Law: On Facebook we reduce too much interaction (laughter).

My thirteenth Thursday Trang: I accept the law of eating paid cakes, but I don't cover it or relate it to the profession! - Monday 11.

But certainly for 10 years, will misunderstanding and problems?

Promotion of the Law: Yes, but fast. When Trang and I went into conflict, Trang was angry and the record was 2 days. I have never let Trang get angry for a long time, my little moments deal with a few hours and I will never let it turn our cold war through the week or 10 days.

Thu Trang: My personality is very strange, when I am angry, put that anger at once, don't think: "I'm too angry to leave tomorrow or something to talk about", I'm even more angry. also, up to the point of never solving that problem again. When I first met him, the Law did not know, so many games "went to the shore to the field" so now there was no such situation. I feel why I have to be angry with my husband, then because my husband refuses to make me calm, so I have to endure. Meanwhile, a couple always hugs each other in the van with the place, so is it better?

Thank you for the interview. Wishing the Thirteen 12 Challenge will be accepted and supported by the audience.

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