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How to transfer money quickly after 8 seconds when the bank holidays are Lunar's New Year

Follow 2019 Lunar New Year Holidays of Banks Most banks are on holiday on Saturday, February 2, 2002 (December 28, Mau Tuat) until Sunday, February 10, 2002 (January 6, Year of the Swine). On the second day (February 11, 2002), the banks returned to the usual work.

So, during the time when banks go away on Lunar New Year's holiday, if the customers can not keep up with the bank to make money transfer transactions from the 28th New Year's night, they have to wait until the 7th day of Lunar New Year when the banks open the door again.

Fast bank transfer 24/7 to card number

The money to transfer money received by the recipients within 8 seconds that few people know is to transfer money through the registered card number on the ATM card.

In particular, users only need access to banking on the internet, mobile banking or ATMs and identify the receiver's card number (number of cards printed at the forefront ATM). Note that this is a card number, usually with 16 or 19 digits, not an account number with numbers / digits 6 to 14 usually.

If you transfer money through the account number, banks will need to specify the name of the beneficiary, then in this way, the system will automatically display the card holder's name as the beneficiary and do not need to & # 39; The transferee identifies the name Branch opening card, beneficiary account.

This type of money transfer not only helps the transmitter to determine immediately if the correct receiver but the receiver also receives money immediately, regardless of the night or holiday, when the bank holidays.

Some banks are free for money transfers, but many banks charge a fee. The maximum transfer limit is VND 300 million / transaction (subject to change depending on the policy of the bank for the relevant channel) .a

Fast bank transfer 24/7 by count

In this way, orders can be made immediately. Customers who use internet banking, mobile banking or ATM, after successfully logging in, are in the transfer section, the user chooses the fast-cash transfer form between the bank 24/7 and then go to the accountant's number already. carry out other normal operations such as transferring a card.

According to the Joint Stock Exchange of Vietnam (Napas), there are 42 banks supporting this transfer.

An interbank bank transfer fee is similar to a normal interbank bank transfer or card transfer, free of charge to VND 11,000 / bank dependent transaction. The maximum transfer limit is 300 million VND / transaction (depending on the policy of each bank).

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