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How did the defendant Phan Sao Nam give his cousin to the labor circle?


The process of answering the accused Huynh Trong Van (SN 1982, in Ho Chi Minh City) accused is the Director of the ODS company, for the revenues of the Nam Viet Company's gaming organization was VTC Online Company Rikvip stage) recorded on accounting books.

In order to get the money paid to "Sylin", the money for expenses that can not be deducted when calculating enterprise income and personal use, have contacted them and have requested processing corporate income tax relief by Buying invoices at a cost of 10% of the total bill.

When Van agreed, Nam referred to, Do Bich Thuy, director of Nam Viet Company, signed a contract with ODS to lease the server and transfer line. Nam also referred to Phan Anh Tuan, a company director of VTC Online (Authorized Named) company contracted with an ODS company with the content of server rent and line rental.

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Phan Sao Defender and his cousin Do Bich Thuy. (Photo: Trong Phu)

After the ODS company issued an added value invoice and a written request for a payment, Nam to Do Bich Thuy and Phan Anh Tuan referred to the transfer to the ODS account. The accountant draws money from the ODS account to the personal account of Vu Ha Phuong (SN 1983, Ho Chi Minh City) as Nam Viet Company's accounting management officer for a payment under the direction. o Nam.

Accordingly, from 24/8/2015 to 17/2/2017, Van sold to added value 22 invoices for Nam Viet Company's company with a total sales of almost 82 billion; selling 14 VAT invoices to VTC online with sales of more than 5.754 billion. Then I'll pull back and transfer back to Vu Ha Phuong account over 78 billion. In this case, the ODS company benefits over 7.8 billion. This money, personal benefits and all spent.

He called the Panel to oppose, defendant Phan Sao Nam said "Because the time of the case has been long so the defendant does not remember details. But Van's statement is really essential." Defendant was asked Vu Ha Phuong next. During the process of implementing Nam Viet Company's accounting management, the defendant knew that the sale of a short bill between VTC Online Company, Nam Viet Company and ODS Company was shown through SMS. Viber between Nam and Phuong.

Answer the Panel question "Why Van and Nam behavior is contrary to the law but still does it?" "As the defendant does not know the purpose of the South, money laundering should help." The prosecution office will investigate Phuong's criminal liability against the illegally buying bill with the role of helping Van.


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Defender Do Bich Thuy: Because too confident, Pan Sao Nam should have committed law crimes. (Photo: Trong Phu)

In the interview, defendant Do Bich Thuy (SN 1972, in Hanoi, cousin of Phan Sao Nam), Director of Nam Viet Company said, "said the court, Nam asks to lend Nam Viet Company's law to achieve a number of work related to the development of information technology software for the VTC Online Impairment Company. After the defendant agrees, the Nam Company and the defendant's company have signed & # 39; r contract. "The Panel asked" What do you think about South software development work? ". Thuy responded. "The defendant did not understand anything but because of the belief the defendant should follow what he said. The reason why the defendant with the young man understood the character of the South and later saw the success of the male defendant to the South.

The Panel further asked "What have the signage and defendants signed?" Thuy replied, "The defendant signed a Named contract and signed some invoices and documents related to telecommunications services. When signing the contract with the South, the defendant is completely voluntary, not enforced. After this incident happened, the defendant was wrong to believe South, but still angry in South.

According to the statement of Thuy, after working with the investigating agency, the defendant found that she had no legal information, so he signed a contract that did not know all the content of the contract, since then accidentally you broke the law . "When the offender recognizes his offense, the defendant wishes to repay the beneficiary of the offense that he or she is a barrier to remedial action," said Thuy. As well as claiming a repayment of illegal profit, defendant Thuy offered the Panel to review and return the defendant for VND5 billion in custody. The reason is that this is the defendant's money, which is not related to the contract with Phan Sao Nam./.

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