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How can Pogba and the team win the "bullier"? – 24h football


Saturday, February 23, 2019 01:25 AM (GMT + 7)

The high performance chain may be exciting for MU, but Liverpool is a different opponent of Chelsea and not less than PSG.

Fabinho survived Manchester United midfield, went to the Premier League in 2018/19

The Champions League and the Premier League are two very different areas that are not only about the quality of the opponent but also the play style. So, when the first round round round 1/8 of the Champions League arrived with great hope, they fell just as painful when losing to PSG without Neymar, Edinson Cavani and Thomas Meunier.

I'm playing Liverpool: Pogba and team & # 34; runners and # 34; - 1

MU has no way to give Marco Verratti the best in the first round 1/8 Champions League

I would like to thank the highest performance of the midfield PSG, led by Marco Verratti and Marquinhos. Verratti has been in the last 7 years proves to be the best player and just kicking at Ligue 1 makes Verratti's reputation not far beyond the real level. And Marquinhos, from the center of the back, has been transformed into the midfielder center and may be pleased to calm Paul Pogba for 90 minutes at Old Trafford.

The most powerful referees can take a team away. Barcelona and Real Madrid with very stable successes in La Liga and the Champions League prove that. Over the past two years, Liverpool has also seen the formation of a magnificent midfielder, and has destroyed Man City's last season in the Champions League in their final tour.

This season, Liverpool has a very strong focus. In addition to Captain Jordan Henderson, Jurgen Klopp's coach is James Milner, Georginio Wijnaldum, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and 2 Fabinho and Ney Keita rookies, not to mention the recent strikewr Roberto Firmino has played more middle-level (or rather then that's its original site in Hoffenheim). They are all muscles, very strong and can strangle each protective field of field because of their increasing ability.

I'm playing Liverpool: Pogba and team & # 34; runners and # 34; - 2

Liverpool and PSG have two matches in the Champions League group stage

How does MU earn this middle field even with the strongest police? They were missed at home against PSG despite plenty of middle midfielders, but Liverpool now has enough stars on the assault despite their recent strikers not always as fast as they are. MU started to lose PSG when Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard had to leave the field due to injury, and both players were expected to be absent as the "Reds" host in Liverpool on Sunday night.

MU made many difficulties to Liverpool during the Mourinho period thanks to the tight defense, but he did not even stop crime 1-3 in the first leg, causing Mourinho to be extinguished. Paul Pogba was facing Liverpool twice after returning to United United Kingdom and did not win any game, when he won 2-1 in the second leg of the 2017/18 season, then Pogba was not in the squad.

Liverpool has no classical creative middle areas such as Pogba, indeed, the most creative player in the center of Liverpool player is Adam Lallana, who has been a place recently. But in exchange, Klopp has a group of "water-carrying men" that can turn off the eggs on each round of a dangerous Ball MU, and "Reds" will have to hope that Matic, Herrera and Pogba play beyond their ability. .

I'm playing Liverpool: Pogba and team & # 34; runners and # 34; - 3

Pogba surrounded Liverpool players

Once Eric Cantona had shamed Didier Deschamps as "transporting water" because Deschamps knew how to just put the ball and pass the ball to the star, not knowing what else i & # 39 ; w do. Juventus won in the second half of the 3's Serie A and Champions League championships thanks to Marcello Lippi's coach to build a "water bag" including Deschamps and Antonio Conte who broke the ball and gave Zidane and Del Piero.

Deschamps used that philosophy to win the World Cup with France, Conte achieved Juventus and Chelsea with Marching, Vidal or Kante & Matic, and Zidane also had a "water carrier" named Casemiro to win 3 times C1 Cup. Klopp did not dispose of the tendency, and with Liverpool midfielder available, MU will have a tougher game than many people think of Old Trafford.

Liverpool fought MU: The risk of losing everything, incredible goods was catastrophic

Liverpool's performance in 2019 is not good, causing them to shake their ambition.

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