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Hot session with cultural beverage & # 39; News


According to the representatives (Nam Dinh) Tran Quang Chieu (Nam Dinh), alcohol is damaging due to over-use and unsafe products. "What we think, during the days of death, with those lost loved ones, sees the old year to welcome a new year with thousands of cultural traditions, each family has a bowl of aromaic rice, cup of wine on the altar, Mr Chieu gave the issue and said that the main issue of the law is that producers have to be quality and consumers must be aware. "If you are aware, the producers will be producing quality products and consumers will decide how to drink so that they do not affect health, to the community, "says Chieu.

Mr Nguyen Van Son (Ha Tinh) said that there should be answers to encourage "healthy consumers" to change the use of alcohol.
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However, Dang Pham Trong Nhan (Binh Duong) refused: "It is not wise to call it" responsible drink "or advocated by the" drinking culture "in this way. Many reasoning and protection aesthetics are insensitive. Data by alcohol authorities cause 1.3% of GDP (or 65,000 billion a year), or daily. There are traffic accidents that include the cost of alcohol and Beer is about VND250 billion … and other social effects, Nhan said: "Once you put yourself in the context of alcoholic families, debt, violence, violence, or trying to listen to a lost crew of ladies, children would have lost father because of beer, alcohol cause … shared the pain of the letter with those who wait ".

Mr Nhan also said that most alcohol consumption was "Southampton Asia", the third Asian in the United States, "it's hard to be proud." Sharing with this view, Cao Cao Xuan (Thanh Hoa) added more investigation data for the Ethnic Minority Life Committee.

Accordingly, in 2015, the average life expectancy of the people of Vietnam is 73.2, but the average life expectancy of ethnic minorities in the lower threshold is large, such as Lao Goup only 57.5, the difference of 15, 7 years. The Xi La co-countries 61.2, the difference of 12 years. "It is therefore important to emphasize that ethnic minority cultural features are wine and beer, and it is usually the use of harmful alcohol as the most direct harmful cause, the quality of the population and longevity," it was share.

Speaking then, the Chinese delegation (Dong Nai) asked: "We're third in Asia, we're worried, but Japan is a second part, is Japan a well-developed or not economically and culturally country?" The historian also referred to the Health Minister: "As soon as the law is passed, does the Ministry of Health limit the production of a fluid? Because the wine has a specific effect, otherwise we will buy wine to & # 39; drinking.

Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said, although the second country is drinking alcohol in Asia, but Japanese law is very strict. "They have Nutrition Law built in 1926 and food safety is very strict, their wine culture is very civilized," said the minister. On alcohol, according to Ms. There, the draft committee deliberately intended to ban all types of liquid drugs, but through the process of collecting comments, this content has not included in the draft law. "Furthermore, it does not mean that, when this law was banned, all beer and beer were banned. In this law, nothing is forbidden to drink alcohol or drink beer," added Tien.

Many proposals in the revised Public Investment Law have not been agreed

Many of the government-proposed policies have been revised in the revised Public Investment Law, ranging from raising national national investment from 10,000 billion to 35,000 billion to allow the Standing Committee of the Council of People to decide. investment policy rather than the People's Council … did not receive any sympathy of the NE in the debate on revised public investment law 16.11 p.m. Mr Hoang Quang Ham (Phu Tho) said that many policies were outstanding with the desire to eliminate current difficulties and problems, but in fact many complex and complex content was drafted without any current law. . "The adaptation of nationally important projects that has been distributed is the project that uses 35 billion or more public investment to reduce the submission to the National Assembly as an adequate basis because there is no Major changes in the consumer price index This type of project does not have much to do, and the submission to the National Assembly has not blocked and it's & # 39; The level of 35,000 billion is quite large compared to the budget investment, "said Ham Ham and asked the drafting committee to reconsider this motion. .

Mr did not approve Nguyen Truong Giang (Dak Nong) is the regulations that allow Standing People Councils to carry out People's People's tasks and powers in the field of public investment during the two session period. According to Dak Nong, according to local government institutions, the Fixed People Council is one level that can not replace the People's Council duties. This assignment can lead to abusive, arbitrary use in practice. In addition, the People's Council can meet more than two times a year or an exceptional meeting to decide on investment policy for public investment projects.

At the end of the discussion session, Deputy First Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, after this meeting, confirmed that the Government will direct MPI to work with associated agencies, accept the most seriously The value of the NE bills, revised and finalize the submission to the National Assembly for consideration at the next meeting. (L.H)

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