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Hide Dragon, the Philippines


Tuesday, November 27, 1818 16:08 PM (GMT + 7)

Quang Hai has sacrificed for team play in most of the last stages of the AFF Cup 2018. But once he returned to the familiar situation, Quang Hai is still a common danger.

Quang Hai's performance against Cambodia (Copyright by the Next Media, broadcast by VTC)

Aberth Quang Hai

From U23 Asia earlier this year to ASIAD 2018, Nguyen Quang Hai traveled on different journeys. Early in the year, he broke out wildly, almost as a score, as well as Soccer of the Year. But at ASIAD 2018, after the sudden Hung Do Hung Dung injury, Quang Hai had to complete the gap. And he still plays well in the new role.

Quang Hai plays like Xavi hiding in the middle of the field, the Philippine beat - 1

Quang Hai (red shirt) whole integrity

The flexibility of Quang Hai is to suggest that Hang Park This coach has decided to use "Best Young Player V-League 2018" in the midfield. By the end of the 2018 Cup AFF group, Park and Quang Hai are on track.

At the beginning of Malaysia and Myanmar, Quang Hai can be small enough to find players who can form secondary and the game also focuses on strength, but with agility, tactical and tactical sensitivity, # 39; n Always ensure the requirements are good.

But from a 3-0 victory over Cambodia at the AFF Cup final, this is the most obvious evidence that Nguyen Quang Hai is the only best in returning to where he belongs. That is the number 10 – who plays a nuclear role in the way to Vietnam ball, pieces reminiscent of the famous mid-player of Barcelona in Xavi.

Cambodia is the final finals of the semi-finals, Quang Hai was chosen as the best player. The "Golden Stars" line is actually the 21-year-old playground. The creativity created by Quang Hai always gives his team friends in a favorable situation. And Quang Hai himself has become more dangerous in this situation than everywhere else.

Long distance calculation Park

In the past in the 2018 AFF Cup, supporters have not been a witness to the brilliant Nguyen Quang Hai than in U23 Asia than an excellent form in ASIAD 2018. But it is clear that this Park Hang coach is his reasons. when using Quang Hai in that situation.

Quang Hai plays like Xavi hiding in the middle of the field, beat the Philippines - 2

Park Hang Seo is ready to release Quang Hai?

The round table is the time when the mid-central Vietnam phone is not very good. Hu Hung, Hung Hung all have problems and they often have to separate. At the same time, Vietnam Phone plays a defensive counteractive in finding opponents.

And above all, Park Seo coach does not want to reveal his "eradication" too soon. Cadw Quang Hai is close to the center's cycle as a way for the Park to surprise its opponents as they move on to the semifinals, even rounds. And that's when Quang Hai returned to the school site.

Another question is that if you have hidden your baby, why does Park Hang Seo use Quang Hai in this situation when it comes to Cambodia? Parc is concerned that using Quang Hai as a central field will make the killing instinct, the talent playing the player is unclear. And he needs evidence to make important decisions, before rejecting the Philippines in the 2018 AFF Cup final.

Vietnam wins over Cambodia:

Quang Hai, Phan Van Duc and Tien Linh, everyone who scored, but who's the best?

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