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Here's the worst software, the worst students, the 3rd year are not doing so poor software


At 10am on the morning of November 28th, the VFF online tickets officially opened the tickets for the final finals between the Vietnam and Philippine team on December 6. However, because tickets need to be booked too much, the VFF website has had download it and continuously publish the ticket.

Among the hundreds of thousands of fans who were joining the ticket this morning, Mr Do Cao Bao, FPT Deputy Director General. Speaking about the experience of tickets, Mr Do Cao Bao said that this is the worst software in all the software it has used for 34 years.

Mr Do Cao Bao talks about the experience of online VFF tickets: This is the worst software, the worst, 3rd students do not make the software so poor - Picture 1.

He said, "We must go through this stage not less than 20 times, with at least 50 answers to the question of what the image is (bus, pedal car, street light, fire. …) There were times when he asked me about six times, and no-one with the robot could differentiate both questions.

When it comes to the internal circle, choose the value of 500,000 VND and the ticket number is 4 tickets, to the pay system, "turn the oven to 3 minutes, then the answer failed to connect to the server "

When he praised the docking process, the system informed the name, this telephone number, that this buyer has with this email.

After not buying tickets online, Do Cao Bao decided to return to the traditional road, the black market ticket. "In the last 20 years (since 1998), buying a black market ticket has seen a much brighter life," said Bao.

The Deputy Director of FPT also said that VFF software is the worst, worst software ever used, third-year students are not doing so poor software. "Sadly for VFF, sad about the software industry in Vietnam," Bao ended.

Mr Do Cao Bao talks about the experience of VFF online tickets: this is the worst software, the worst, 3rd year students are not doing so poor software - Picture 2.

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Who set up the website for VFF tickets

The VFF tickets website is operated by GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM. VFF said she was a member of the GMO Internet Corporation, Japan Internet Network 1 No. 1. This partner is committed to VFF to implement a fixed online ticket system to serve fans who use ticket sites. However, with what has happened, it seems that selling tickets has not been smooth.

According to information on the GMO-Z website, this company is active in software production, providing IT solutions and services in Vietnam and Japan.

The company has 1,250 projects, 365 clients, 36 partners and 420 staff.

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