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He killed his wife's wife and loved her because of envy


His wife left home, went to a duck house to live with other women, the man advised Ben Treas repeatedly not to kill the two.

Ben Tre police experimented on February 21 on the scene of the murder of two girls in the Mo Cay Bac area two weeks ago. The suspect repeatedly repeated Tran Thanh Ho (45, one of the two victims), knocked down on his wife's grave when he was escorted at home.

The suspect assassinated that two girls were interpreted Picture: Ben Tre

The suspect assassinated that two women were interpreted Picture: Long.

Hundreds of curious local people have come to see, many are still stunning because of doubt of being mild, drinking and gambling.

"In the past, the couple were poor, a bicycle repair shop opened to win a living, and during the past six years Mr Hu won three jackpot lottery tickets over VND 4 billion. He thought that his house had changed his life, and he was of the opinion that he would be cut like this ", one said tiger relatives.

According to the family, after winning the lottery, the couple bought a piece of land near the highway to build a house, open a motorcycle repair shop, and then trade a clothing shop, over a year ago transferred to a live music shop. At this time he became familiar with the 51-year-old local woman, who had family and children.

The couple began to disappear because of their wife, Tiger, suspect that her husband had other women. Later, both did well, but the woman often left home, let the goat keep the duck on the family's home land away to live with the woman she & I know it. The suspect is repeatedly suspended, threatening if he was not at the end of his homosexual relationship, killing them but disregarded by his wife.

At the end of the 4th day of a Lunar New Year, his drunk wife added, he continued to go to the cottage to sleep, Tiger discovered, then he took the knife and used electric bikes to follow.

Hundreds of curious people came to see the experiment on the scene. Photo: Ben Tre

Hundreds of curious people came to see the experiment on the scene. Photo: Long.

When he heard the duckling sound, Tiger's wife began to see. He broke into the cab, using a knife that slept with his wife in the place and place. The Tiger's wife heard the sound of returning to the huts to find out the event, so they did for her husband's death, but the suspect answered "it's late".

After causing the case, Ho got up to Lu Lu Hamong, who called the leopard to suicide, asking him to go to the bridge to pick up the car. Two children, who were students in the City of Ho Chi Minh, suspected something was bad, so they went to find the mother when they found that the Both victims have died.

A fisherman was discovered to the Tiger himself, when he jumped to the river.

The police force of Pen Treason prosecuted the case, who was accused and arrested Ho to investigate the behavior Killing people.


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