Friday , May 27 2022

Having had difficulty reaching the 900 level, the VN-Index continued strongly thanks to the efforts of the oil and gas group, the bank


After a strong break in the early afternoons, the pressures occurred suddenly by 14h, which triggered the index to reduce momentum. After-hot clothing stocks have been profitable. TCM Duo, decline in TNG reversal.

In addition, laclips such as VHM, VRE, VIC, BHN, SAB, also reduced VCB to prevent market momentum.

However, ACB, CTG, IDB, MBB, VPB, HDB, TCB, TPB … have contributed significantly to the market, including VPB and HDB.

The industry had petrol, GAS, PVS, PVD, PVB, BSR, OIL, POW … a positive trading day, and GAS received 4,600 dong to 95,000 dong. In addition, large cap stocks such as MSN, BVH, FPT, HPG, VJC, MWG … who had won points were also positive signs for the market.

At the end, VN-Index increased 1.04 points (0.12%) to 898.19 points; HNX-Index 2 increased (1.98%) to 103.01 points and Upcom-Index increased 0.72 points (1.41%) to 51.97 points. The market liquidity improved significantly with the value of the corresponding order VND3,700 billion.

Foreigners continued to sell a net of more than 120 billion in the market, they were net sellers on HoSE and net bought on HNX, Upcom.


The market was opened in the afternoon with very exciting psychology. Banking stocks such as AGB, CTG, VCB, ACB, MBB, VPB, HDB and TCB also won strong.

In general, petrolium, seafood, textile and clothing attracted good cash flow. In addition, leading stocks such as securities, real estate, construction also built.

At 13h20, Vn-Index increased by 5.53 points (0.62%) to 902.68 points; HNX-Index increased 2.21% (2.19%) to 103.23 points and Upcom-Index increased 0.63 points (1.22%) to 51.89 points.


At the end of the morning session, the market became quite positive as the money flows into the market stronger, spreading more groups and VN-Index has several times over 900 points.

In the morning session, the VN-Index increased 2.48 points (0.28%) to 899.63 points; HNX-Index increased 1.65 points (1.64%) to 102.67 points and Upcom-Index increased 0.56 points (1.1%) to 51.82 points. Market liquidity has improved slightly with the value of equivalent order VND2,000 billion.

The most obvious HDB's HDBank is suddenly overhead. This stock made a quick effect on other bank stocks that pushed the banking sector up.

GAS, PVS, PVD, PVB, BSR, POW petrol stock … attract strong cash flow today. In particular, BSR 200 dong (1.3%) increased to 15,200 dong. According to the Vietnam Report, BSR ranked 14/500 with the best profit in 2018. In the first 9 months, BSR recorded revenue of 82,714 billion VND, exceeding 6% of the plan of 78,108 billion VND for the whole year. Tax return in the period also increased to 4,607, which exceeds 32% of the target.

In October, the Central Petroleum Company Biosphere Dung Quat (BSR-BF) Dung Quat Company also launched its bio-ethanol line (E100).

Along with petroleum stocks, seafood group (FMC, ABT, MPC, VHC …), textile and garment (TNG, TCM …) attract good and rapidly rising cash flow.

Stocks that lead the cash flow are stocks, banks also appear to be a lot of stocks increasing strongly, even HDB has also increased to 29,950 dong. In the Bluechips, GAS, FPT, HPG, MSN, PLX, MWG, PNJ … also won points to strengthen the market.

In the derivative stock market, the four HNX-Index were rapidly increasing and exceeded the VN30 Index currently showing exciting mood of investors.


The positive signs of the US stock market last night brought the excitement to the Vietnam stock market in November 16th and the index increased at the same time as the opening records, even VN-Index has increased almost 5 points.

However, investors are still investors carefully, while the money is not ready to buy, while the stock is always sold in the blue zone, causing fastening market fast.

At 9:55, Vn-Index increased slightly 0.6 points (0.07%) to 897.74 points; HNX-Index 0.92% increased to 101.95 points and Upcom-Index 0.56% increased to 51.54 points. Market liquidity is fairly weak with the value of 3 bridge trading reaching only 650 billion VND.

This morning, he invented the stocks of oil, gas, fisheries, textiles and the best cash flow with many stocks rising suddenly. HPG has recently repayed and currently VND200 is attending. Similarly, VCG has been strongly sold, causing stocks to lower deeply improved in the morning and have time to lift to the ceiling.

Blue chips such as VJC, PLX, PNJ, MWG, BVH, GAS, FPT, MSN and HPG gain momentum.

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