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Having been enriched by white bird cages, he is interested in several hundred million years

Sunday, February 24, 2019 16:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Ultimately, he chose a new way of raising French pigeons at home to distribute a living, Nguyen Van Ho, the community of Duy Phien (the Tam Duong area, Vinh Phuc) chose. Convenient economic development and family care. Mr Ho is currently holding her herd herd up to 600 pairs, earning a few hundred million a year.

Taking us to visit French pigeon stables, Mr. For a family's previous era: Mr Ho was born and raised in an agricultural family only, had a feeling of independence of a young age. When building a family and living apart, the couple must also do their own business.

Give rich thanks to white bird cages, interest many hundred million / year - 1

Mr Nguyen Van Ho's family, Duy Phien commune (Tam Duong) earn hundreds of millions of dong / year of French pigeon breeding model

In the past, I was fighting to fight chickens, brokers, geese and ducks, but the economic efficiency was low. Moving to construction, everywhere everywhere, but work is larger, smaller and less stable. Through books, newspapers and television, I realized that the French pigeon breeding model was bringing high economic efficiency, I discussed with family, pigeons built … "said Mr Ho.

In the first few years, some capital, no experience, only 50-100 pairs of parent pigeons raised by Mr. Oh. About 2 years ago, when experience and capital was adequate, he decided to expand the rate to 600 parents' pigeons. "On average, every month my house sells around 400 pairs of commercial pigeons and reproduction. With VND sales price of 130,000 / pair of commercial pigeons and VND 200 – 250,000 / pairs of breeding birds, French pigeons It also helps My family earn hundreds of millions of interest every year … "said Mr. Ho.

Regarding the experience of raising French pigeons, Mr Ho shared it, compared with the erection of other livestock and poultry, raising French pigeons in a few areas, good resistance, easy care, less illness and market big users. In order to achieve high economic efficiency, farmers need to choose breeds, build cages, feed and choose suitable feed.

However, on the technique of raising columns in France, for growing and developing pigeons, farmers need to pay attention to the prevention of diseases such as: Old chicken beans, newcaton, abnormal sepsis … Colwynes need to be cold in summer and warm in winter, full light, clean, regular food and water.

Specifically, according to Mr Ho, the pigeon cleaner must clean and clean the pig regularly to avoid collecting manure, which causes pathogens such as parasites. In order for eggs to reach a high hatching rate, farmers should sweep the eggs with the machine and let the mother of a bird bring the fake eggs after they have gone; The new coverings come into adoptive parents.

Realizing that the demand for commercial pigeons in the market is high, in 2019, Mr Ho intends to increase the volume of goods by 400-500 pairs to increase income. Along with that, he always led the care and disease prevention techniques in livestock so that households buy reproductive pigeons to develop the economy together and improve their lives.

Birds that breed breeding, selling young birds to make meals, collecting 10 million / month

The 170 bird pairs give Mr Sy a stable income of almost 10 million VND / month.

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