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Hang Doi's flaming fire, looking forward to the Viettel World Cup 24 hours


Saturday, February 23, 2019 06:44 AM (GMT + 7)

The first round of V-League 2019 will test many exciting games and it is expected that there will be a conflict between Hanoi and Than Quang Ninh along with the Viettel tour.

The evolution of the V-League 2019 opening between Thanh Hoa – Binh Duong (Copyright by BongdaTV, VTVCab The fastest game in the first round of V-League 2019: Hang Doi's flaming fire, looking forward to Viettel - 1)

The Vietnam National Championship, V-League 2019, competed officially this week (21-24 February). The opening match between Thanh Hoa and Binh Duong ended 1-1 in a dramatic and dramatic game. This means that Vietnamese football fans look forward to the conflict of faith.

The fastest game in the first round of V-League 2019: Hang Doi's flaming fire, expect Viettel - 2

Hanoi FC will face Than Quang Ninh on the Hang Day yard

On February 23, the BTC V-League 2019 organized 3 games and the focus was the conflicts on the Hang Hang between Hanoi FC and Than Quang Ninh. The home team is the tournament defense champion and has a very good start with a victory in the Super Super Cup with Binh Duong.

After that, Chu Dinh Nghiem and teachers almost surprise Chinese soil if they were taking advantage of better opportunities. Compared to the rest of the teams, Hanoi FC has the advantage of retaining the core of Vietnam's national team such as Quang Hai, Duy Manh, Van Hau …

Meanwhile, Than Quang Ninh makes changes this season. The Gam Stage team receives strong investment from the Tam election with the sum up to VND 20 billion. The goal of Quang Ninh is to reach the Top 3 this season and there is nothing better than starting with a win.

Therefore, the conflicts on the Hang Du yard are sure to be very attractive and unpredictable. The game takes place at 19:00 on February 23. Before this game, SLNA will face Quang Nam at home at 16:30 p.m. HAGL will be a guest house at Khanh Hoa at 17:00.

Sunday (24 February), V-League 2019 also promises exciting games and the most notable assault in the parade for you Lang yard of Viettel. The army team after years of "diving" in the lower football league has returned to Vietnam's best football.

Viettel has prepared very carefully when recruiting a Korean teacher along with quality contracts such as Vu Minh Tuan and Que Ngoc Hai … Meanwhile, the Nguyen Minh team Phuong is also keen to prepare for the new season . SHB current line Da Nang is a combination of youth and experience and Viettel will face many difficulties in the Chi Lang yard.

In addition, the other two pairs of games on Sunday afternoon (February 24) are also notable. Saigon FC will face Nam Dinh on Thien Truong while Hai Phong will have a trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

The first news magazine of V-League 2019 hot news: Quang Ninh is heavily rewarded if he win Hanoi

V.League football newsletter was updated: Than.QN will be awarded 1 billion VND before Hanoi.

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