Wednesday , May 25 2022

Gold price strives to go up, USD discount for the world-VnEconomy


The world's gold price continued to improve after falling to close at $ 1,200 each earlier this week, bringing the domestic gold price up to VND36.5 million a year. The USD price continued to decline in line with the USD exchange rate in the international market, while the price of USD increased slightly.

On 11 noon, the SJC Minh Chau Minh Chau Gold Company for Hanoi was listed at 36.4 million VND / tael (buying) and 36.47 million / tall (selling out). Compared to the last trading day, the price of gold SJC pieces increased in this business was 10,000 VND / tall.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the SJC company quoted the same brand gold price with 36.39 million dong / tael and 36.55 million dong / tall, respectively, buying and selling prices.

The light gold trading with the jewelry business in Hanoi led to closing the gap between buying and selling prices to stimulate trading. SJC gold price in Hanoi this morning was only VND70,000-80,000 / tall.

Although it is improving but a weak increase, gold prices have not moved away from a month and a half base set at the beginning of the week. Compared to gold prices in the world, SJC gold gold retail difference is almost 2.3 million / tall.

The price of gold 999.9 rose slightly this morning. The Phu Quy Group quote the Phu Quy plain gold at VND34.65 million / buy (buying) and VND35.05 million / sale (selling out), up VND50,000 / tonight compared to last morning.

Free USD price in Hanoi this morning was 23,435 VND (buy in) and 23,455 VND (selling out), down 15 VND compared to morning.

Vietcombank raised the USD quote from VND5, VND23,265 and VND23,355, respectively, for buying and selling prices.

Recently, the US dollar price continued to follow the change in the international USD exchange rate. Meanwhile, USD bank rates tend to be more stable, many times the other direction of the USD price in the world.

In the international market, the dollar exchange rate is falling sharply. The Dollar Index, which measures the strength of the green, drops to 96.92 this morning, from 97.03 in the morning. On Tuesday, the Dollar Index reached 97.6 points, the same year and a half.

The dollar falls as the demand for a risk prevention anversion between positive signs of the US-China trade war. Washington and Beijing have resumed trade negotiations in recent days in preparation for the forthcoming meeting between the leaders of both countries.

In addition, the British pound has also made up the Dollar Index. The sterling pound went up after Theresa May, the First Minister of Britain, on December 14, that he had gathered enough support from Cabinet ministers for the Brexit scheme.

In addition, statistics released on Wednesday showed US consumer prices rise in line with forecasts. This data increases the concerns about inflation inflation and the possibility that the Federal Reserve (FED) accelerates interest rates.

The USD fell, causing a gold price to recover after a number of consecutive fall. New York spot gold prices rose from $ 8.6 on uns, or 0.7 percent, to settle at $ 1,211.5 in one.

At the Asian session in the morning, gold prices were growing around this milestone. The world's current gold price equates to 34.2 million dollars if it is converted into a USD price and not associated costs.

Gold prices are still under pressure from Fed's ability to raise interest rates in December and a higher dollar trend – the currency has almost 6% up to date this year.

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