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Get the bitter end because of a decision to kill the mistress

Wednesday, 28/11/2018 09:06 AM (GMT + 7)

Between the two men, there was no friction, but for a woman, Three were determined to kill her husband's love in the river.

On November 27, the Can Tho People's Court opened the first place and Khong Minh Tri (38, who lived in the Co Do, city of Can Tho) was sentenced to prison for the "Murddwr" life.

According to the indictment, in 2017, Nguyen Thi Ph. (32 years old) lives with Nguyen Van Cam (34, living in Puc Loc 1, Trung Nhut Ward, Thot Not District, Can Tho City). Due to frequent conflicts, Ph. Leave home and live with each other as husband and wife with Three. About two months later, Ph. Three knew that his wife and children should be living with Step. Phone Three Ph Ph. come back to me but Ph. collision

About 15 hours on June 19, Three continue to call the love machine but Step heard what to kill Three. Listen so a steep mission should control the shell to find the Cam interest. The next morning, Three came to meet Mr. A step fishing on the river, both sides hit each other into the river. Mr. Cam to Thot Not River to have the nearby paddling boat that kept the boat climbing up. At present, three plastic barrels of the nearby house took to swim to pursue.

Get bitter because of a decision to kill the husband of love - 1

Kong Minh in court

Going, Three turns his hand not to Cham, climbing on the boat. This man pulled his throat, drowning victims in the water for a while to leave. On June 21 night, his body was discovered on the River Hau, a department of Qui Thanh 1 (Trung Kien Ward, Thot Not District) should inform the police.

In the forensic examination, Campaign victims of shock asphyxia, cerebral hemorrhage died after a traumatic brain injury. The Panel finds, from the results of the assessment, that the defendant has been beaten back and very strong. This act shows the decision to kill the victim. The result of the investigation revealed that there was no conflict between the defendant and the victim, only because of a woman who had two conflicts. This shows that the defendant is abusive, aggressive, regardless of moral standards. Therefore, the Panel decided to sentence the sentence as above.

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