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Four key points in the trung couple of Trung Nguyen


After 10 unsuccessful conciliation attempts, the divorce herdage continued for more than 3 years, the dispute over the property at Trung Nguyen has not yet expired.

Le Hoang Diep Thao and Dang Le Nguyen Vu admitted to each other with beautiful love, with 4 children. Since 2013, their lives have started conflicts, disagreements in the world of perspectives of living and raising children, as well as in the strategy of developing the Trung Nguyen Group. Mr. Yu at the meditation mountain.

Unsuccessful healing attempts

In 2015, Thao introduced a divorce application, saying that Mr Vu had changed so much that he and his wife were no longer in harmony. She tried to improve the children for a perfect family but could not.

Mr Vu does not agree to divorce, wants to leave his wife to look after his family and raise his children and continues to develop the family business career, serving the community and society.

The process of accepting the court to resolve the case, many problems in property disputes, the right to run the company … makes their conflicts more serious. Both became parties involved, people took part in 18 lawsuits. Including Trung Nguyen International Company's asset dispute (in Singapore), a number of legal cases have been resolved by HCM City People's Court.

Mr. Woe for her marriage that ended with court. Photo: Thanh Nguyen.

Mr Vu after the morning trial on February 21. Monday: Thanh Nguyen.

The back hole separates their feelings from being wider, in the end Mr. You agree to divorce. In more than 3 years of receiving the case, the court held 10 work sessions with attempts to reconcile but failed. Both sides have "ancient" lawyers who defend their rights.

During the two days of the trial (February 20-21), both sides responded immediately, one to another – for the analysis. Ms. said. Thao said Mr Vu in the last six years had neglected his wife and children and did not run the company directly. Trung Nguyen lost his temper repeatedly, confirming "never wrong with his wife", arguing that she used a lot of "tricks" to manage money … Sometimes it was use the words in full meaning to Ms. Thao.

The Panel takes time to encourage both parties to reconsider and give each other an opportunity to improve. Ms. agreed. Yes to withdraw the application, but Mr Vu was not accepted.

Child payment and support for applications

Ms. asked Thao to nurture her children directly, Mr Vu must provide 5% of all shares in the Trgu Nguyen Group. Mr Vu also wants to raise the children without Mrs. Thao. But he respected the children's wishes, if the court trusted Ms. Hello, 5% of every child's dividend of the corporation gave each child.

However, before the trial took place, Mr Vu and defense team agreed to provide a total amount of help to 4 children each year from 10 billion VND until they matured. In court, Thao has also changed his mind, accepting the level of support that Mr. Vu.

Property disputes over VND 7,700 billion

Within the scope of the original petition, Ms. Thao is solely for the court to settle an asset section such as the number of property and property shares at the Trung Nguyen Group Stock Companies.

Trung Nguyen Group charter capital is currently 2,500 billion VND. The average property of husband and wife accounts for about 30% – which equates to 750 billion VND. He proposed to be split into two, every VND 375 billion. According to Ms. Yes, here are the number of assets needed to share as a basis for calculating court fees in the case.

In addition to the petition in the later period, Ms. Thao to share other common assets with a value of around 52.5 billion VND. Therefore, the total value of the common property required by Ms. Thao is 802.5 billion.

Next, Ms. Thao plans to share the husband and wife's common assets in 2 groups: Trung Nguyen and G7. The first option is Mr Vu. If Mr Vu chooses the Trung Nguyen asset group, Thao will accept an G7 asset group or vice versa. Mr Vu has another month to think and change his decision about this option. However, Mr Vu does not accept.

Ms. Thao does not want to get the value of shares that belong to money. Photo: Thanh Nguyen.

Ms. Thao does not want to get the value of shares that belong to money. Photo: Thanh Nguyen.

In court, Ms. Thao It is intended to be divided into 7 companies of the group. In particular, at the Trung Nguyen Joint Investment Stock Company, she is entitled to a 51% share (equivalent to VND 2,114 billion), Mr Vu 39%, the remainder comes from his mother and her sister Vu. In some other companies, Ms. Thao the division. At the time, Mr Vu will hold a 15% share in the Trung Nguyen Joint Stock Stock Company (approximately 814 billion VND / person) and 7.5% benefit in the Joint Stock Company Nguyen License Cancel – G7 (43 billion VND) / person) …

In terms of real estate, he agreed on the plan to share the couple but ask the Panel to declare that she will own the house on Tu Xuong Street (Class 3) because here is & # 39; the place where their mother and daughter lived.

For money, gold and overseas money in banks worth about 2,102 billion VND, he did not agree to settle in this case so she did not pick up her position.

On the side Mr VuInitially, he asked to separate the entire property into a different case. After many changes, he asked the court to divide the assets in the bank; 13 properties; Share value in 7 Trung Nguyen Group companies.

In particular, he agreed to let Mrs. Thao and children owned a house in Tu Xuong Street, dividing 13 properties to around 725 billion dong (VND 362.5 billion each). In particular, the amount of the VND 2,102 billion and the value of the shares in 7 companies (VND 5,654 billion) Mr. Enjoy 70%, Ms. Thao 30%. Generally, Mr. Take a fortune of VND 5,792 billion.

Mr Vu wants to pay the value of shares that are property to Thao in cash to get full control over Trung Nguyen by his orientation. Mrs. Thao opposes this offer by Mr. Vu because she also wanted to take part in the Trung Nguyen development development order.

In particular for other unknown assets and Singapore $ 7.4 million, charter capital Trung Nguyen International Company will share in another case.

Who's & Soul & # 39; Trung Nguyen?

The test became more intense when party solicitors protested for the client's contribution to the development of Trung Nguyen – one of the centers for determining the asset division ratio.

Ms mentioned. Thao for the days when her company developed with her husband, she had to work from morning to night even after giving birth.

Mr Vu spends his heart for the difficult start days, having to lend all packets of coffee agents. The license for business registration for the first time on August 15, 1996 named after Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu. Four years after changing the business license, the board member of the company also included Mr. Dang Mo (father of Vu). At this time, the charter's capital increased to 3 billion. In 2002, when changing the business registration for the fifth time, as well as increasing its charter capital to VND 14.4 billion, a branch was also established and the company had only two members and father Mr Vu's son.

Two years after the establishment of Trung Nguyen, Mr Vu was a new spouse and Thao (1998). In April 2006, Ms. Thao is a new shareholder. He did not deny his wife's work, but repeatedly confirmed that he was "soul" Trung Nguyen when he listened to Ms. lawyer. Thao says "the wife's effort is higher than her husband".

Ms. went Thao repeatedly, arguing that Mr Vu's offensive was contaminated. He suggested that he abstained with "what is limited".

The court will make a decision on the afternoon of February 25.

Hai Duyen

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