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Former PM Phan Van Vinh said he was responsible for the crime


In the afternoon of 19/11, at the Phu Tho Provincial People's Court, the panel spent most time to question Phan Van Vinh who was accused. Standing in front of the podium, defendant Vinh confirmed that he was responsible for a prosecution for "taking advantage of his / her job and authority while on duty" was correct.

For health reasons, the accused Vinh was sitting.

For health reasons, the accused Vinh was sitting.

"Six days ago the defendant seated listening to the Trial Panel asking the defendants in this case, in the middle of the defendant because 91 defendants had fallen into the round robin, there are millions of citizens Others also come in. They have been blamed for their distress, and the accused is very good, once the main staff, once the head, the defendant had done it Well, happened, "said the accused Yong slowly before the podium.

Defender Vinh said, because a high-tech crime was a new issue, he restricted information on this issue. But in return, in his hand the C50 convergence of qualified professionals trusts in the lower level, brothers should not predict the results of this new event.

Prior to the trial of the afternoon of 19/11, defendant Vinh said, with responsibility as the Director General, he accepts responsibility before the Party, the State and the people.

Previously, according to the conclusion of inquiry No. 829 / ANT dated 18 July, 1818 of the Phu Tho province investigation agency for the case, the defendant Phan Sao Nam (former VTC chairman online) Nguyen Van Duong ( former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hi-Tech Security Investment Development Ltd. – CNC) and co-founders have taken advantage of high technology, has organized 25 "level 1" agents, which are almost 6,000 level 2 agents "With almost 43 million of online gambling online accounts in the form of RikVip / Tip.Club card game, gross income of over 9,800 billion, causing seriously serious results.

Former General Lieutenant Phan Van Vinh (former Director General of the Police Department – Ministry of Public Protection) and former Prime Minister General Nguyen Thanh Hoa (former Director of the Police Department for Crime Prevention and Control) – C50 – The Ministry of Protection of Public allegedly "covered" the gaming line.

On November 20 morning, the Panel continues to question Phan Van Vinh accused.

Nguyen Duong

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