Wednesday , July 6 2022

For the first time, My Tam has a warming up with the audience on social networks


He is one of the few artists to use social networking sites and has never responded to the antifan or has expressed his opinion on a specific issue on his personal fanpage. However, recently, My Tam has attracted a great deal of attention when controversies that have been raised suddenly with the audience.

In particular, in the post comments section on My Tam's personal supporters page, a member of the audience said that a small part of the female singer had offended his friend on the social network. Accordingly, the friend that this audience does not refer to is another other than Tuan Bi – who always follows closely with My Tam to take care, is responsible for recording & # 39; Directly and produce a number of products for many years. Not only is this attention, the audience continues to chat with another social networking account for the event.

Rather than quiet for everything, just a few hours ago, My Tam responded to this lack of positive feedback. As well as thanking the audience to the story, My Tam also said: "If you're taking and sending to help the Facebook name have written and says the words are not nice and you're insulting Tam, which is definitely not & # 39; n nasty, disturbing and not a fan of it. I do not think. " Not stopping there, the singer also confused that those who have insulted others who do not repair them, did not want to take the "Mytafans family".

For the first time, My Tam strongly argues with the audience on social networks - Picture 1.

He made American Tam's audience comments to "cut" the rate.

For the first time, My Tam spoke to the audience on social networks - Monday 2.

Not only did the message to the audience leave comments on the personal fanpage, My Tam had also set aside a long time to send to its supporters.

For the first time, My Tam strongly argues with the audience on social networks - Picture 3.

My Tam and Tuan Bi have been with us for many years.

For many times she has sounded a fan for the bad things but not yet, brown brown has said publicly on social networking. This has meant that many people believe that this seems to have made Americans angry so that it only "cut" the rate and expresses so sound.

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