Friday , August 19 2022

FLC offered the construction of a T3 station at Tan Son Nhat


Mr. confirmed Trinh Van Quyet will focus his efforts to bring the project into force after 1 year of construction if it was approved to invest.

A new FLC Group sends the Government Office and the Ministry of Transport to study and invest in the construction of a T3 station at Tan Son Nhat International Airport. According to the decision approving the adaptation of the detailed Tan Son Nhat airport in the period up to 2020, the orientation to 2030, a T3 station in the South with a capacity of 20 million passengers per year to increase the capacity of the port total to 50 million visitors every year.

Explaining the above proposal, FLC, Bamboo Airways – said the group's airline needs to build a autonomous terminal terminal for the station to manage, use and serve travelers in the best way. According to the initiative, although it had been disappearing for over a month, Bambo Airways had a fleet of 10 aircraft and is expected to increase to 40 aircraft this year.

Mr Trinh Van Quyet Group confirmed that it will focus its efforts to build in accordance with the approved plan, giving the project up to date, if approved. "With a team of engineers, contractors, grand and experienced domestic and international partners that FLC owns through the FLC Joint Stock Company Faros Construction, the construction of a T3 station with the progress as an orange The collection is completely practical, "said Quyet.

Earlier, the Corporate Airport (ACV) reported to the Ministry of Transport a report on a pre-feasibility study to build a T3 passenger terminal and ancillary work to overcome overloading passengers at the airport. Tan Son Nhat International at the end of last year. Its capital invests total ACV investment of more than 11,430 billion dollars. It is expected to complete the feasibility report, a selection of architectural plans in February 2020, starting in the third quarter of 2020 and complete the second quarter / 2022.

However, recently, the Ministry of Transport has asked the First Minister to comment to the State Capital Management Committee in initiatives to instruct ACV to complete the pre-feasibility report of the T3 station construction project Committee. submit to the Planning and Investment Ministry to appraise and submit to the Government to approve.

According to this agency, in case ACV does not invest, proposes the First Minister to allocate the Ministry of Transport to publish the list of investment that is in line with & # 39 the law.

Anh Tu

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