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Flaming MU – Liverpool: Klopp is afraid of Solskjaer and 2 "Red Devils"?


Friday, February 22, 2019 16:08 PM (GMT + 7)

Before the Great War – Liverpool, coach Jurgen Klopp exiled his colleague Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and two stars on the "Reds" side.

True to the name "British derby", the confrontation between I went to Lerpwl always hot since the opening whistle was heard. In the past, the graves saw many intense "battles" between fans and players. However, this does not happen to coach Jurgen Klopp and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Flaming MU - Liverpool: Klopp fears Solskjaer and 2 & 34; Red Devils & # 34; what? - 1

Before the Great War – Liverpool praised Jurgen Klopp's coach colleague, Solskjaer …

Flaming MU - Liverpool: Klopp fears Solskjaer and 2 & 34; Red Devils & # 34; what? - 2

… At the same time, Herrera confirmed, Pogba is the most prominent names of the current "Red Devil"

Even in the recent interview, unfortunately Klopp did not praise his colleagues and achievements after a while led the "Red Devil".

"You can not say anything when a new trainer appears, even some players have thought about the chances that the trainer has to leave. However, after 3 months, MU He decided the decision to appoint Solskjaer to bring incredible results.

Solskjaer makes his mission too good. He promoted his potential and improved the quality of the team and I was not surprised at this. "

Klopp also notes that Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba are the fastest growing individuals under Solskjaer, as well as the assault's excellence. Contrary to the time Jose Mourinho took a power, Ander Herrera would be routinely choked in the 3-man midfielder, while Pogba was violently injured with 9 goals, 6 help, contributes to the triumph of MU-Solskjaer games 10/12. in every sand.

"Ander Herrera is in its form, the way it plays is beyond my imagination. Pogba is back to himself. The attacker's performance is the same as they, They have the Speed ​​but they're new. It's OK to use De Gea always plays at the top level.

In general, MU has drowned compared to the early term. That explains why Solskjaer is enough to lead the world and leading club ".

In the first leg, Liverpool had defeated MU 3-1 easily, but the return game is expected to be more unpredictable. Klopp himself is also aware of the difficulties that the "Red Brigade" faces on the Old Trafford Stadium on February 24: "We do not expect us to easily match MU. Although Liverpool has a hard time, I still tell myself, "Try it, that's what we will do."

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