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Find the groom's hatred, the bride who has resigned does this


Instead of reading the votes, the frustrated bride reads the promising message of a man to become her husband in front of hundreds of guests.

The night before the wedding is always the unforgettable experience, but it's hard to imagine when the minute is 89 minutes, you will receive a message indicating the man who became the husband of her husband tomorrow. How will you respond?

By proving the phenomenon, the first step is to do this
She does not want to marry a man who does not love her and she's pretended to be (Artwork)

Casey was delighted to think she would wear a white wedding gown tomorrow, walking on the beautiful flower carpet and giving her life-long promise to her love. But everything came so fast and unexpectedly that he could not imagine Alex, his fiancee who had long been married without knowing her.

Casey has reported his story and shared on social networks, as straight away.

Casey tells her she had a very happy bachelorette party with her best friends the night before the wedding, but she accidentally received strange messages from a phone number saying, "If I were, I would never marry this man. Do you still want to marry him? "

Then there came a series of scanned phone messages, including romantic talks between Casey's dish and a mysterious woman, and even both "happy" with each other. They have been dating for months to date.

Message with the following content:

"This weekend, only you and me. Everything has been prepared"

"You're so hot, sexy"

Even in the message, Casey said that he had no feelings or connections with her.

Casey says she prays all her tears and shared with her sister-in-law, who advised Casey to call Alex high and to postpone the marriage, but she was not hi. The marriage is usually ongoing, all the people who are present on that night as if nothing happened.

"As I go to the wedding period, every step is heavy, my wedding dress in my dream is now only costume. When he saw me, he thought that something was worried to me most," said Casey.

Casey had been awake one night after receiving the message, her mood was shocking and confusing, she did not want to marry a man who did not love her and pretended she was.

The crowd was surprised to hear Casey read his vow: "Today, there will be no wedding. Alex is not the person I was expecting."

She threw the wedding flower on the floor and raises the phone and reads out loudly Alex's message ahead of everyone ahead of the face of the person who was about to be called & # 39 husband n.

Alex then fled the marriage.

The crowd was still confusing about what was happening, and Casey went on to say,

"Today, there will be no wedding party, but instead it will be a celebration of faith and honesty."

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