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Extending the first "draw" investigation leads the $ 25,000 prostitution line including runner-up model, MC, famous


On 21 November, the source of the reporter from the CSDT Police Department of the City of Ho Chi Minh has just extended the first investigation into the "prostitute broker" case for defendant Kieu Dai (Pi, SN 1996, town town of Binh Dinh province ).

Renewal of the first investigation to lineup the $ 25,000 head of prostitution including a second runner, MC, a famous model - Picture 1.

"Mr" takes the leading prostitutes of $ 25,000 including runner, MC, famous model …

The source of the reporter confirmed by Ho Chi Minh City Police that the reason to extend the investigation is to explain some of the statements from Qiu Dai Vu as well as statements of actors, models, MCs to sell sex on for the. the great.

From the students driving a motorcycle taxi to the runway, it runs a $ 25,000 mail line

According to the case, according to the survey, the capital is a graduate student recently by the Faculty of Environmental Technology and University Management in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, she also managed shrimp noodle soup for relatives in Area 12, Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, he also has a second job, as Dui is gradually committed to being "you", the organizers of the events for the long legs.

Through the process of finding the line, the police source confirmed that God had also been friendly with friends with the "manager" in favor of the "long legs" of the websites by the authorities. Also specializes in hunting supplies for horses, people in need.

Meanwhile, long legs are selected from pantyhose, including: model, runner, flowers, actor, MC, hotgirl PR, the online girl, students study in Number of universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City, …

Renewal of the first investigation to whip the $ 25,000 prostitute leader line including second runner, MC, famous model - Picture 2.

From the students riding on a motorcycle taxi, Nhu became an executive director of the prostitution line of $ 25,000.

According to the stated Duty, the source of the "cavea" actually happens through the site is usually only medium that is not large. Prices range from just three hundred to three thousand dollars. Knowing this factor of price, "he" should try to access the source of the "caverni" in another way.

Accordingly, Black takes the initiative to organize events, competitions … a small status to grow. From these competitions, Black has access to the "long legs" that have the potential to join the fishing line. In addition, from these events, Du makes friends with many very famous even people to offer.

In one time, Duz has accidentally encountered "accident" action, but Miss, MC, … a specialist search should have been submitted. From this fan, you know that many guys are ready to learn hunting at high prices.

Four giants buy a renowned, MC, famous model … who is it?

After several months of investigation, around 6:00 pm at 30/8, nearly 6 scouts belonged to Team 6, Criminal Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police in the administrative examination with 2 hotels in Nam Quoc Street Cang, area 1 to Tran Hung Dao Street, Class 5.

The police found the hotel at Nam Quoc Cang Street in two VIP rooms with two girls and two men buying sex. At the same Tran Hung Dao Street hotel. Two girls in Region 5 are students.

After that, the police recorded a record and sent to the headquarters to work. Find background verification that two girls who sell sex in Area 1 are runner and in a renowned MC.

Extend the first investigation to pump the $ 25,000 head of prostitution line including a second runner, MC, a famous model - Picture 3.

The long legs are in the line "Mr.

The process of working with 4 men buying sex, and the police indicated that two people at the hotel in Part 1 are the status … Through the initial statement, & # 39 ; These two famous people in the real estate business in Saigon "give fun" runner and MC. The price the two guys state "fun" with two girls also determined. With the runner at $ 7,000 / time, the MC is $ 1,500 / time.

In particular it is noted that 2 girls who sell sex as Hotel 5's Hotel guests are "brilliant" celebrities. The price of these two students is 600 – $ 1,000 / time.

After taking the evidence, the "giant", a business has awaited clarification of more relevant circumstances. According to sources, the four giants are Mr T. (43, living in the City of Ho Chi Minh), Mr. M. (43 years old, Binh Thuan province), Mr. Q. (37 years old, Mr (31 years old, lives in Bac Giang).

The police made all penalties 4 "long-term" fault to the administrative penalty.

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