Sunday , August 7 2022

Enter the first team to win tickets to the U23 2020 Asian Championship


In the final match of Group G qualifying for Asian U23 2020, Korea U23 Tel has come across the Hong Kong U23 team. With the top nature of the top game, the two team coaches had to launch the strongest squad.

With a slightly higher level, Korea U23 played entirely from the first entries of joining. However, until the 42 minutes the North East Asian football representative found table to open the score thanks to number 14 of the player.

In the second half, Hong Kong played U23 high to look for a goal. However, this game has made them make mistakes in the defense and pay the price by losing the board at 11m in 54 minutes, Chung U23 Korea won 2-0 victory.

With this result, U23 Core is the first team OFFICIAL he won the ticket for U23 2020 Asian Finals when finishing the qualifying round with Group G's top with 7 points with the same score + 3. Hong Kong U23 was 2nd provisionally with 4 points and -1.

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