Friday , August 19 2022

Emphasizing that the company "national center" Kang Daniel lied, cutting the connection with the Wanna One member


1. Hi, I'm Kim Mun Hee, a lawyer from Jipyong Law Firm, representing Kang Daniel's management company – LM Entertainment. I would like to present the official statement of LM Entertainment for a unique contract with Kang Daniel.

2. LM's unique contract with Kang Daniel is a unique contract at standard level, licensed by the Fairtrade Commission. And LM paid the agreed bonus amount as agreed in the contract. However, even if the contract is not yet operational, Kang Daniel sent us a warning by the agent and said vaguely that the contract was unfair, requiring a change of contract. but don't tell us the details.

Finally, we discussed through 4 meetings with Won's Chief Executive, who claimed to be an intermediary. But in the end, we had only a warning from many different lawyers and false information, including information that Kang Daniel had never received a bonus to join the company.

In addition, Kang Daniel Prime LM's information breaks the contract because the third party to sign the contract without the consent of the male artist is wrong. In fact, only a LM agreement is this suspicious contract to receive investment from Daniel Kang, an old company – MMO Entertainment to best support Kang Daniel in entertainment activities.

LM has never signed a unique contract with any other party and the company also has full rights, including planning to release albums, catch fans, concerts, gigs, commodity trading, casting and other controls. . LM Entertainment insists on maintaining and operating all of these activities, without any parties joining.

3. LM Entertainment is limited, without immediate action to reach a collective agreement. The company has also sat down several times with various representatives of Kang Daniel to eliminate misunderstandings and continue to make an effort to achieve a compromise. However, Kang Daniel has repeatedly changed their legal representation as well as their position on issues. Ultimately, the information discussed at previous meetings was ignored and a court order filed to terminate the contract. Prior to this situation, LM Entertainment had no option but to thoroughly review the content of the application for termination and legal decision.

4. LM Entertainment has prepared a route for Kang Daniel to appear as a solo singer once the contract comes into effect. But now we are sorry to have to announce this news to Kang Daniel fans and the public.

Although there is no other way and to follow this debate to the end, LM Entertainment will continue to try to gain trust and reach an agreement with Kang Daniel to help him return to early art activities. as possible.

Thank you very much! ".

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