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Eager to help Phan Nhu Thao to lose weight by getting into adultery, the great giant Duc received the "bitter fruit"

Before the "offer" by her husband, Phan Nhu Thao had a response screen that made for the fans laugh.

WATCH VIDEO: Big Bang Duc Ani is happy carrying a small child to his wife "all the steps" with friends.

After getting married, giving birth to the first daughter, the giant giant Duc, and former Phan Nhu Thao model lived happily with each other. In particular, Phan Nhu Thao makes many people jealous when he has his wife, taking 100% of the kitchen work so that she doesn't have to work hard.

Perhaps Phan Nhu Thao is the most beautiful man who is showbiz. Not only did Mr Duc An give many "terrible" gifts, and in the opinion of the public, he was constantly defended by her husband.

Phan Nhu Thao – The Duc family is currently receiving great public attention.

"Being like a fairy" because her husband is ruined

– Hello Phan Nhu Thao. Can you reveal something about your family's current life?

My family life is also normal. As Dove's daughter had gone to school, early in the morning, the couple would take their children to school. After Thao went back to work, the husband also took care of her work, and then prepared a dinner for her wife. The couple were eating, continuing to work and going to collect their children.

The communion will take Dove to swim, Thao will go to the gym. Then the whole family went back to the dinner and went to bed early. All the couple's activities depend on children and arrange on the basis of the Dove schedule. And where to go, what to do, the couple must go together.

– How does Mr A commune help you in your life, business and childcare?

Mr An is a very strong spiritual foundation for Thao and all Doves in every aspect. He left Thao comfortably, wanted to do what he did because everything else like housework, childminding … had worried and even worried about Thao. What do my wives and my children eat, when I go to the vaccination schedule, what time does my wife have to drink collagen?

The old model was very proud that her husband was more mature than her childhood.

– Mr Xa is usually the one who is cooking, cleaning the house, helping you to care for the kids … So, since getting married, do Phan Nhu Thao have any bad habits ?

No, because Thao is not lazy and relies on him. The communion did not give anything, and when he did it, he asked for other things to do himself, to do what he liked. I just do it and enjoy it, I don't stop, I don't do anything very hard or what you can do right. But almost anything you can do, so play the whole (laugh).

– With netizens, Duc An is a fragile man. But in the eyes of Phan Nhu Thao, does the communion have any bad habits?

Probably too perfect, thorough and fast. It's hard to be very difficult, nobody agrees with it. Thao said often, "Only you can stay with me, but no one can stand you, I'm worried about flattering you"As Thao was also very quick. In addition, Mr An thought what he said, he didn't know how to speak or talk at all. Sometimes when you say something you want killing, you have to follow a translator for it, it is a misunderstanding.

Although he confirmed that he was not lazy and relied on him, Phan Nhu Thao admitted that he was "playing full" because his wife had earned all his work.

Have you ever thought that, if it were easy to calculate, we would give birth to 5 children for fun

– In the media, you and your husband are not afraid to share about the other half, even talking about pretty fragile things like money. Do you not really want to use your husband's money even if your husband is a giant?

Thao does not need to use her husband's money at the moment, and cannot think about what her husband's money is used for.

– Is it too clear, don't want to be dependent, want to make money for yourself "is it really getting divorced?" Does this sometimes bring back effects?

What is the inverse effect? If anything is missing, will my mother Thao suffer because her husband's money will bring him to his next wife or later child? Many people think "I gave him birth, I lived with him for years, my youth, he took all his belongings, so his assets were to me, they must be shared with me."It sounded like a child, trying to get candy.

Having a baby and saying "I sacrifice you"Are the kids growing up when they hear it, it will be very angry. Because both of you can be born? I was born to him but I didn't love them all? don't take the illusion of your own power and fight to claim that you have a youth fear or something, or concern, of a disadvantage that we intend to win.

Use that time, that young person, that health and mind are going to work on your own. You do not need to worry about being jarked or needing to cut Pheo's face slash, do you have to be happy?

– After Mr Duc gomune shared the story about spending "terrible" money for his ex-wife's children, but he didn't want you to have more children because of extreme care. How does Phan Tưo think of having more children?

Completely. Extreme, extreme money is not important because I am not short of money, with the amount of money enough if greed. My husband spent $ 35,000 a month for two children and was still asking for more. The ultimate is that the couple want to care for themselves and do everything for them. Very thoughtful about the responsibility of bringing up children, how to make them human, how to make them love, appreciate good things.

Having a child is not afraid of anything, just fear not to spend enough time to love and not learn to be perfect. Sometimes I would like me to be a bit more comfortable, having a baby can give my mother a hard time from A – Z, so I will give birth to a whole group of 5 children to have fun at home (laughing).

When asked about money, Phan Nhu Thao really shared.

The reaction was "very cold" when the husband's husband suggested the relationship

– From a distance from showbiz, it doesn't seem anymore in movies and on stage … Have you ever regretted Phan Nhu Thao, thinking about this decision?

Not yet. Thao was very pleased and happy with Thao's decision. It's just a long time to lose the craft a little, remembering a time when it's young and colorful.

– Once a famous name in showbiz, there are even many people believe that "exceeded" Ngoc Trinh, why did you decide to become a woman of the family, away from the glory?

I met the man of my life. I was tempted voluntarily and contributed to people, so I was responsible for people (laughing).

Phan Nhu Thao also revealed happily that her husband was "offering" a relative to help his wife lose weight.

– Regarding the appearance, would come to Phan Nhu Thao like to come back to shape "me nhon" as when I was to model?

Going back is good but it will be very difficult to get too happy. So let it come back slowly and naturally, because its too many will no longer be happy.

– Given that you are very determined to lose weight but are forced to eat by your husband, is it because you have not tried your husband's conviction?

It's probably because I haven't found any convincing reason to be ill at all costs, finding a reason for not having (laughing). My husband often enjoyed that " tI'll be; let you go on a relationship, I will be ill as you wish"I said."You're going to remember holding the pigeons because the pigeons will like it very much"So they were still at home."

– Thanks to Phan Nhu Thao for sharing them!

Duc praised me, Phan Nhu Thao again felt he was being captured

The Big Duke was said to be “intense” in praising the non-obese child to remind his wife of weight.

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