Thursday , January 20 2022

Do not push the BOT investment cost too high and accumulate


At the meeting, the Government Standing Committee heard reports on the review of BOT projects, particularly ways with problems and problems.

The comments expressed at the meeting agreed that the social capital movement in the form of BOT investment in transport infrastructure is the right policy without making it difficult to move sources difficult. Weakness in the context of weak infrastructure and the fact that road transport is still essential.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked not to raise investment costs too high in the BOT project and to raise a lot of time on the way.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked not to raise investment costs too high in the BOT project and to raise a lot of time on the way.

However, during the process of operation, there are some inadequacy, such as the location of the doll station, the price, the collection period.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that investment in infrastructure construction in general infrastructure and transportation in particular BOT form is necessary, in accordance with Decisions 13 of the Central Committee.

The prime minister reminded us: We need strong socialization of resources while state capital is flawed. "The world also strongly applies this method," said the prime minister.

The head of Government asked administrations, sectors, especially the Ministry of Transport to continue to focus on overcoming shortcomings and shortcomings in BOT projects.

The First Minister said that the policy should secure the interests of the State, investors and people; In particular, publicity and transparency need to be obtained: "Having the right financial plan, pushing investment costs is not too high, collecting death, the price is not suitable for the people, but not pushing it hard for investors, "said prime minister.

Regarding the BOT's shortcomings in the public and people's lives, the First Minister asked for the resolution of petitions of people and businesses associated with BOT traffic projects.

At the same time, the BOT projects must ensure security and order, objectively handling serious objects, causing security and order.

When charging automatically in electronic electronic non-electronic form, the Prime Minister emphasized that MOT continues to operate the direction of the First Minister and the National Assembly's Resolution on this issue.

"The Ministry of Transport must examine, oversee and take full responsibility for the unauthorized automatic electronic fee collection across the country, ensuring that the road map for automatic payment transfer is approved," the First Minister reminded . warnings.

At present, the Ministry of Transport manages 63 BOT projects. In 2017, the Ministry of Transport has invested the best in investing in 13 projects or newly approved project proposals on existing roads.

After a lot of noisy rises and the investment cost, put an incorrect station in a number of BOT projects across the country the last time, the Government Inspectorate, the State Examination has tested all the BOT projects on the whole So far, the authorities have released 48 inspection conclusions for 50 projects, 61 audit collections for 55 projects.


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